March Equinox & Aries New Moon 2023

The Equinox 

As the Sun crosses the threshold into Aries, we mark a changing of the seasons as the light grows in the Northern hemisphere and starts to fade here in the south. The cardinal fire of Aries has all the excited energy of a toddler freshly awake from a nap, all action, energy and freedom, though a plan is rarely front of mind. The bold and daring terrain of Aries is a place of ease for the Sun, known as its exaltation, where it can be strong, free and independent.

Jupiter in Aries has already been adding in its powerful fertiliser of growth and enthusiasm to this area of your life since the December solstice. Now the Sun comes to merge with its energy, you will see how some sunshine and warmth can get things really expanding. After all that lethargic Neptune energy of the last few week, you’re probably feeling excited about this uptick in energy, though for the rest of today, as the Moon is still in it’s Balsamic mode in pensive Pisces it may feel just a little out of reach.

Aries New Moon

Then we have an exuberant New Moon at 0 Aries bursting forth so prepare for a burst of fresh new energy in this area of your life (22 March at 3.23am Brisbane, 21 March at 5.23pm London, 1.23pm Eastern and 10.23am Pacific). Playful Mars in Gemini rules all of this, and after recently emerging from the shadow of it’s retrograde, you’ve got new insights to share, ideas to communicate to others after a time of revision or you’ve rekindled some old interests again.  Let the New Moon light a match under all of this, though beware of going off on tangents (Gemini loves to follow the crumbs of curiosity) and build in time for rests, as Aries energy isn’t long lasting.

Critical Degrees of these New Moons

There is something about new chapters starting with this New Moon too, as it’s the first of two new Moons in Aries, both at critical degrees (0 and 29). Imagine you’ve just arrived at a new destination and you’re quickly out exploring, soaking up all the sights and sounds and smells of an unfamiliar place. Do what you can to fully embrace the bold, decisive and forward moving energy of Aries this New Moon. The next Aries New Moon is a solar eclipse, the first eclipse in the Aries since October 2015 (and setting the tone for a two-year period), it’s not energy to be wishing under. Eclipses tend to shake things up and bring uncertainty, so if you want these New Moon manifestations to last, make sure you put solid foundations under whatever you start now. The 20 April eclipse is at 29 Aries, a point of finality and inescapability, so new trails you blaze now could end in the weeds or projects you light a fire under may be snuffed out.

New Moon Manifesting Guide

You could use this New Moon to kick off your Astrological New Year, either with a vision board process or some journalling of goals you wish to manifest over the next 12 month. This area of your life is seeing a cosmic concentration this year, as Jupiter fertilises until May and the North Node powers from July, so this sure is a New Moon to be manifesting under. Want some ideas for manifesting? Look for your rising sign below (or Sun sign if you don’t know it) for a guide:

Aries – personal growth is key right now, look at ways you can grow a strong and deeper relationship with yourself, and see if your view on identity need an overhaul. Spiritual growth opportunities come your way from the next eclipse, do you have the foundations to hold it?

Taurus – this New Moon is about retreat from the world and ways you can actively settle in quiet and solitude. Looking towards self-undoing, whether unconscious habits that hold you back or consciously undoing those knots within.

Gemini – opportunities abound in social networks and larger groups of people right now, and from July there may be karmic tugs towards mentors or benefactors who can help lift you higher. This New Moon is the perfect time to actively get clear on what this could look like for you.

Cancer – Goals and aspirations have felt extra juicy since December, and this New Moon provides the chance to platform growth so far and then build on top of it. How or where can you take what you’ve learnt, and float that on top of the coming tidal inrush of the North Node from July.

Leo – you’re all about the broader perspective right now, as you seek to expand your consciousness and grow beyond what you know. Wishes around travel, higher learning and spiritual endeavours will all benefit from this New Moon’s energy, as will support around legal matters too.

Virgo – what you share with others is under the spotlight right now, and use your detail focus to get clear on just how comfortable you are sharing time, energy and money, and what to keep for yourself. Energy spent tidying your mental house also works well, find tools to sooth worries about the past or anxieties around your future – bring them front and centre and get to work.

Libra – this New Moon focuses on partnerships of all kinds. Perhaps your inner circle has grown recently, so get clear on who stays and why, and not just because they say so. Let those how love you for you be the focus this year, and those who encourage your confidence and independence are the best relationships for you!

Scorpio – health and wellness come under the spotlight, an area that may have suffered since September. Focusing on routines that support you, without being too strict, will get the spring back in your step and bring back vitality! You may also find colleagues or employees a good resource to lean on, so aim to form close connections there.

Sagittarius – this is a fun New Moon to play with, getting creative or putting more energy into hobbies or passion projects, or even sports. It’s also about romance too, and if this area has blossomed then get clear on just what you want from here.

Capricorn – home and family have become active in recent months, and you may feel tugs to the explore the past. This New Moon is a time to explore your foundations, look to what made you YOU and how your past or ancestors shaped your life today. Is it what you want? Or should you choose another path?

Aquarius – the familiar feels good right now, as do small regular rituals that bring your closer to the planet or the Moon and building on these will support you in the next few years. Your siblings may bring opportunities or offer support, and communications in general feel busy and productive. Your honest and forthright style is values at the moment, though finesse where need be.

Pisces – look to your resources right now, this is a time to make hay while the sun shine and put away a nest egg for a rainy day. If your coffers have been filling with Jupiter’s generosity, realise this won’t last forever and invest well for the gains to keep on coming over the next few years.

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