Mars in Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign, and its fixed nature always reminds me of the still quiet mountain air, where the eye is drawn far along the horizon to lands beyond. With Mars now in Aquarius, our energy is fuelled by higher perspectives, with a lofty mission to drive towards. Inventive, unusual and intelligent, he favours the brave of mind and those willing to blaze their own trails. Experimenting and staying neutral to outcomes is the strength of Aquarius, so use this to try something innovative or put energy into a ground-breaking idea. However, Mars here will fight tooth and nail for it’s ideals, so just make sure you’re fighting for the right the cause.

In the current world situation, we see two opposing energies; fear (and denial) and resilience. Many out there are turning a situation to their advantage, making something out of nothing or envisioning a new way forward. This is the path of survival, being inventive with what we have. We are on the edge of the unknown, and Mars in Aquarius can embolden us to step forwards into it, to take our first steps into a brave new world.

Yet today, and for the next few days, it may not seem so easy, especially for those with Mars-ruled charts or in a Mars profection year. First, Mars will meet Saturn on his foray into this new area of your chart. They are meeting on the fixed star of Altair, known as the eagle back, which adds to Mars boldness and courage yet he is a foreign soldier in Saturn’s lands. Mar’s mission here is idealistic – to create a better world – yet his plans may be frustrated in the face of Saturn’s strategies and his visions of a better future twisted out of shape. Heaviness or hopelessness may be felt in coming days, but do avoid despair as hope isn’t too far away. Mars doesn’t like to quit, but as the Banksy quote goes “if you get tired, learn to rest, not quit”. Taking time out from struggling against greater powers can give you the perspective you need. Mars in a fixed sign is resilient and tenacious, able to battle on when he keeps his higher purpose in mind. My advice is to batten down the hatches over coming days and be ready to ride out the storm while staying resolved in your vision of hope for the future of this planet.

Some tips to remain focused:

– remember the good times, as they will always return

– volunteering time or energy to help those more vulnerable

– get inventive, think of a new way of doing something, then act on it

– visioning work, putting energy into your dreams for a better world

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