Mars in Capricorn

I always think of a steam train with Mars in Capricorn – the heat, noise and strength of a huge metal object flying along its tracks. When they were first created, they could transport people, animals and goods from one place to another at speeds never seen before in human history. The heat of Mars applied to fuel from the earth itself (Capricorn) moved these iron behemoths along at remarkable speeds and were hard to slow down. Remember those old black and white films when they would tie someone to railway tracks? You don’t want to get in the way of a steam train!

The energy of Capricorn is about a goal or end point, suiting Mar’s need for a purpose, and this is much like a steam trains, who climbs on board without a destination in mind? Once that destination is set, a train cannot race wherever it wants, it must stay on its tracks for movement to happen and to keep momentum up. It grinds away, engine blazing, wheels turning until it reaches that destination, and we can harness this energy in our own lives. Turn to the long term goals you have in place and see where could you use extra energy to achieve them? Or find persistence to push past an obstacle? Harnessing this focused energy can move mountains, or find ways around, over and through.

Like a train has a timetable, timing is also key with this placement. Capricorn knows time well, ruled by Saturn, Father Time himself. It also encourages Mars to have some patience and forbearance while keeping the destination in mind. During this time you can work out the timing of your projects, knowing how long to work for and what level of energy to put into it. Rest is also part of it, knowing when fuel will run out and when to stop and stock up on more. We don’t function well without food, or sleep, and honing routines to include breaks creates endurance and persistence. Athletes include rest days, and we need to as well.

In 2022, Mars travels though Capricorn with sweet Venus, which will soften the heat and noise a touch and give Venus more impetus as we iplement the changes the Venus retrograde has us thinking about. Do be aware of the conjunction of the two with Pluto in 2 March, which will likely bring deep wounds to the surface to be cauterized and healed. It’s also a reset of the Mars-Pluto cycle, the last one of which saw the feverish inflammation of COVID spread worldwise. Hopefully this new cycle will go easier on us with Venus in the mix.

For those with Aries and Scorpio risings, you get a chance to harness this steam train and use it to put your nose to the grind stone and really kick some goals. And for all of us, wherever Capricorn falls in your chart will give you an indication which area of your life will gain extra energy over the coming weeks and could benefit from your focus and determination:

Aries rising – private spaces, family, home, roots and ancestors
Taurus rising – children, creativity, sports and romance
Gemini rising – health, well being, workplace and colleagues, pets
Cancer rising – relationships, intimate friendships, business partners and clients
Leo rising – share resources, debts, inheritances and psychological work
Virgo rising – foreign places and people, expanding horizons, higher learning, spirituality
Libra rising – public personality and career
Scorpio rising – friends, community and groups you belong to, future plans
Sagittarius rising –retreat, rest and exploring your hidden, inner world
Capricorn rising – self, physical body and vitality
Aquarius rising – money and finances, resources
Pisces rising – communication, learning, local area

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