Making the most of Mars in Gemini

The Astrology of Mars in Gemini – 31 March to 15 May 2019

Change of pace

Today Mars leaves the grounded earth of Taurus behind for the airy breeze of Gemini. Mars is our will power and enthusiasm, assertion and drive, it’s what we want and how we will go after it. While chained to the plodding pace of Taurus over the past 6 weeks, Mars was calm and contained. Once he reaches Gemini it will be like a fire fanned by wind, roaring off again at full speed, ready to get out and engage with the world again.

It does sound to have our energy back, but this starts with Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, disentangling himself from the Pisces crazy he’s been involved in. Like a butterfly first emerging from it’s chrysalis, I think we’ll all be drying our wings and blinking in the sun for a few days before we can flutter off into the breeze.

Connect and converse

As we all get back up to speed from Taurus’ stillness, and the recent Mercury madness, there’s the urge to reach out again, connect and share with others. Expect a flurry of communications via phone, email, or social media over coming weeks. Perhaps more invitations to events and opportunities to connect will crop up.

Gemini knows how to make connections – I’m always in awe of this ability in the Gemini’s in my life. Leave them alone with a stranger for 10 mins and when you come back they will have discovered 5 important things about them and how this person is distantly related to their neighbour. And have you ever seen them when networking? They will know everyone by the end of the night, have made three new friends and have but in an authentic way. That is the drive of this energy, the connected twins wanting to connect with the whole world. What connections do you need to make? Is it making the effort to socialise to ease isolation? Or having important conversations with family, or friends, or colleagues? Or perhaps it’s just putting two and two together to find new solutions to old issues.

Playful fun

This is also the sign of child-like curiosity and humour, so Mars in Gemini loves laughter and playful fun! Climb a tree, fly a kite, dance with abandon. You can honour Mars energy in Gemini beautifully by heading to a Comedy Club, or inviting friends for a night of games and hilarity. For those in the northern hemisphere, it’s a beautiful energy to have in spring, enjoying running and playing outside again.

Tips for the best ways to work with Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini does have a shadow side, including sharp words, frustrating conversations or pushy opinions. Like a dogs need to be walked every day, give Mars his freedom in positive ways so he doesn’t become destructive. Beyond the above ideas, try getting active with the breathe, team sports or other active social pursuits as a way to ward off the darker side of his nature.

Like a cat with Christmas decorations, drawn to ALL the SHINY THINGS, we’ll just want to pounce everywhere at once. So do those activities that require versatility and exploring varied options, and be patient with anything that requires dedicated focus and planning. These will do better once Mars moves into Cancer in mid-May.

Mars energises and drives, so if you know the part of your chart that Gemini rules, then know that the area of your life you can move forward with. In early May, as Mars opposes Jupiter, there is a chance for focusing your energy to consciously expand your goals or plans, but watch for overexpanded egos and/or burning yourself out.

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