Mars in Pisces

Hot, dry Mars is taking a cool, refreshing dip in the gentle waters of Pisces, taking a break from his recent tussles against the binding energy of Saturn. Like a boxer in between rounds, he’s getting water splashed on his face, cuts attended to and something sweet to slurp on before he goes for the final round when he moves into Aries on June 28.

Mars always likes a fight, but in the calm peace of Pisces, he’s fighting for hope, love and compassion. This is the warrior fighting for peace, or the political activist arguing for a fairer world. I grew up listening to U2, with Joshua Tree being their first album I owned. Frontman and lyricist Bono has Mars in Pisces, and the drive of this placement to find belief can be heard in the haunting lyrics of “I Still Haven’t found what I’m Looking For”. U2’s activism and philanthropy is as famous as their music and with the Mars in Pisces ruling his Scorpio MC, Bono is a tireless campaigner for the rights of those most vulnerable in our world.

Mars always likes a mission, and now it’s one driven by a huge heart and love of connection. Do you remember footage of Bono leaping into the crowd during LiveAid in ’85, just to feel connected to the audience? U2 always considered themselves a “people’s band” and Bono was driven by a sense of unity with his audience. With the lack of connection during COVID-19 restrictions, many of us feel an urge to reconnect and be part of the whole again. Day by day, going with the flow, is Pisces mantra, as we take baby steps. And now is a time for real hope, as new potentials we’ve only dreamt of until now become possible with many old structures blown away. What are you seeking? Where could you put more action into your faith? What future hopes can you resurrect in a new form? This peaceful warrior energy invites you to use his energy as you tap into higher ideals for new possibilities.

Pisces is also connected to love, and considering Mars moves into Pisces right as Venus retrogrades, it seems love and relationships are top of the agenda. While Venus may look to connect with those around you, Mars in Pisces seeks a higher love. Pisces is the agape love of the Greeks, the love for our fellow human that crosses all divides. As you reflect on relationships right now, and your value systems, you may wish to consider just how your choices reverberate around the world. From the car you drive to the clothes and makeup you wear, as a consumer we carry the power of water that wears away over time.

Pisces can be self-sacrificing, so it’s important not to get carried away and give yourself up totally to a cause. Mars also may also show a drop in energy levels, especially for this with Aries or Scorpio rising. This mutable water sign can have “leaky eyes” as my very Piscean friend calls it, with sensitivity to the world around becoming energised with Mars in here. We may feel all the joy and all the anguish and cry at both.
Mars loves to get active, and the call of Pisces is flow. Yoga and dance, absolutely, but oceans, lakes and rivers beckon us outside now too. Try surfing a wave, kayaking down a river, or SUPing across a lake – even SUP yoga if you’re really clever!

I’ll leave you with a snippet of the lyrics from Bono’s most recent song “Let Your Love be Known”, inspired by our social isolation and the call to have courage and trust in our love as we reenter the world.
“Let your love be known
Oh let your love be known.
Though your heart is overthrown.
Let your love show.”

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  1. Jeanette Blake

    As a “leaky-eyed Pisces, who also adores Bono (and of course U2), this article really really speaks to me. Thank you, and let the next adventure begin.

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