Mars in Sagittarius – Seeking the Bigger Picture

Mars always loves a mission, and as the great activator just moved into the archer’s sign of Sagittarius, his charge now is the ultimate search for truth and higher meaning, seeking the bigger picture. I always think of Shaolin monks with this placement, the Chan (Zen) Buddhist monks with elite warrior training who revere all life and only use force in self-defence. Their martial arts education is only one part of their monastic lives, a way of working with the flow of Chi (energy) to support the whole of their lives. They see the bigger picture, that working with the body, mind and spirit is all essential, and each is nothing without the other. And here is the invitation, to actively look at the bigger picture in our life, to find where we may be ignoring the forest for the trees.

Movement is a key part of Sagittarius, as its mutable fire is wide-ranging and adaptable, though a gust of wind can easily shift it off course. Mars moves well in this space, enjoying the freedom and independence it offers. Energy is higher, the urge for adventure is strong and you may find yourself yearning for wide-open spaces. The ideal here is to focus Mar’s energy into something, to give him a purpose. He’s now activating that area of our charts that Jupiter only recently left, giving us all a chance to inject some life back into an area that has been pushed to the backburner. For the next 6 weeks, there is a chance to reignite the fire underneath those dreams and plans, pour new passion in and see just what bubbles up. Mars in a fire sign also likes to get active, to move, sweat and build up heat – so any activity like this will be a great way to burn off his steam.

There is some heavier astrology in coming weeks, and it seems Mars in hopeful Sagittarius helps us all keep the bright side in mind and have the courage to face the tough head-on. Sagittarius can offer its opinions easily, and with Mar’s sharp edge we may find opinions inflame situations, or debates become heated as everyone strives to offer their point of view. The key here is keeping that bigger picture in mind – that the truth is always subjective and sometimes we cannot convince others to see things our way.

As Anais Nin so eloquently put it “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”.

The question is, is there a better use of our energy than engaging in a losing battle of opinion? Can we take the hands of our own biases from our eyes and perceive that bigger picture, a universal truth?

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