Mars in Scorpio

* This is a previous post updated on 17 October 2023 to summarise Mar’s tour of Scorpio from 12 Oct until 23 Nov 2023

With the fiery planet back in its own realm, it heaves a sigh of relief and starts to get back to work of energising. Mars in Scorpio is powerful and passionate, in a subtle almost mysterious way. He is intense in the depths of Scorpio, embodying a smoldering fire and his piercing nature demands honesty, loyalty, and depth from those around him. In this night sign of Mars, this warrior isn’t the aries soldier on the battlefield but the assassain sent in the dead of night. Readying for combat in the shadows, with weapons strategically placed, the edge is even more dangerous, both to his opponent and to himself.

In this feminine water sign, Mars works in the emotional worlds, the deep inner places where angels and demons dwell together. Scorpio can also be obsessive, so focused on getting to the core of something that it blocks out the world around. Mars drives this even more, like a detective on the trail of a killer who ignores all else until he has his man. So make the most of the laser focus of this period but don’t get drawn into a perspectiveless scorpian’s nest.

One celebrity that embodies his Mars in Scorpio is gravel-voiced Joaquin Phoenix; with a strong Mars signature in his chart it plays a large role in his life. Known for his roles in movies with dark or intense themes, from a killer in To Die For, to heroin-addicted country singer Johnny Cash in Walk the Line and more recently his portrayal of the pain and trauma that created the tortured psychopath “Joker” character in the 2021 movie of the same name. True to his Scorpio nature, Joaquin is no stranger to the dark realms of life and has been awarded many times over for his ability to portray it in film.

His success is attributed to the depth and commitment of his research (including becoming a firefighter for Ladder 49 and wiring his jaw shut for The Master) and ability to totally inhabit a character so that he powerfully fills whatever role he plays. As one critic commented of his role in Spike Jonze movie Her…

“Her is even harder to imagine without Mr. Phoenix, an actor who excels at exquisite isolation”.

Joaquin is also like the light-averse scorpion in his hesitancy to accept awards and be part of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. And let’s not forget how he faked a different life for 18 months to make mockumentary “I’m Still Here” with Casey Affleck. Joaquin pretended to walk away from acting, move into rap and act crazy 24/7, all to prove the point that reality is never like what we see in the media.

Mars in Scorpio in 2023

While Mars in Scorpio offers us the sharp edge to cut away what is superfluous or unnecessary the South Node did so much draining work in Scorpio from Jan 2022 until May this year, so it may feel like there’s nothing more to cut away. However, this knife’s edge can drive to the truth of things or the courage to excavate an issue that has its tendrils in deep. Knives can slice to heal as much as wound, and the opposition to Jupiter on 28/29 October may bring a situation where opportunities are available but you need to go deep and cut away something else to make the most of them.

From 21/22 October, Mars becomes combust as the Sun draws closer so moves into hidden spaces informed by Scorpio’s strong intuitive nature. You may find an increase in acting on impulse or following a hunch, rather than logic. As Mars nears its opposition to Uranus on 12 November, urges towards cutting the ties that bind you or hold you back from your genuine self, so try to push for what you want despite the opinions or judgements of others. Bring out your inner rebel, throw off the chains that bind or follow new revelations down a totally new path. The Mars cazimi on 17 November is a brilliant day to take decisive action or to form a courageous strategy to go after your desires.

Photo credit – Sarah Dunn

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