Mars in Taurus

After the extended stay in action-packed Aries since June last year, today the energising planet takes a slower pace as it enters earthy Taurus. This isn’t Mars’ usual foray into Taurus though. Like a sniper with an itchy trigger finger, Mars’ travel through the fixed signs this year will activate a series of intense squares between Saturn and Uranus, the major astrological theme for 2021. Perhaps the grounded nature of Taurus can bring Aquarian idealism tangible form and offer practical application of its ingenuity – but this process will require patience and a good translator. The builder may groan at creating the architect’s lofty ideals, but when they try to work together stunning vision can become a beautiful reality. Imagine if no builder had attempted the Taj Mahal and its idealistic testament to love?

The next two weeks will be the most dramatic of Mars in Taurus before it settles into its usual calm style. Sadly, Mars’ first day in Taurus isn’t showing positive signs of what could come, but hopefully, Mars’ lack of power in this Venus sign curbs its impulsivity and dampens it reckless nature for now. On 9 January, Mercury squares Mars, so think sharp words, inflamed thinking and reactive communication… best to bite your tongue when possible that day and not rise to the bait others may throw your way. Then 10 January Venus shines her welcoming light onto Mars with a trine from Capricorn, hopefully handing Mars a rule book to play by! Taurus is Venus’s earthy amusement ground, so make this a day for building, resourcing, cooking, creating beauty, and especially pleasure-seeking with some spice on the side.

On 13 January Mars squares Saturn, rounding up tension between these two since August last year. Social constraints have only increased since Saturn’s move into Aquarius so this Mars square Saturn could include general irritability, frustration at lockdown, feeling like change isn’t happening fast enough, or being ignored or held back by authority figures. It will also blare the trumpet for the Saturn square Uranus transit happening on 18 February, so revolutionary flags may unfurl, more on that to come…

Mars conjunct Uranus on 20/21 January is like a match to that stick of dynamite you’re using to move obstacles, with the Sun newly in Aquarius throws it’s glare onto proceedings. Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher close by as this energy can easily get out of control. Interesting that coincides with the US Presidential Inauguration Day, so there may be some unexpected interruptions to those proceedings. Personally, this day may bring change you didn’t know you needed, and asks you to be flexible and ready to move with the times.

A few days later, Mars squares Jupiter (23 January) though this pill is easier to swallow. Jupiter in Aquarius asks us to see the biggest picture imaginable, like the planet from space, so hopefully combined with Mars in Taurus grounding us down, we can form an anchor line between the two and act from there. Both Mars and Jupiter like having a purpose, so best use of this is putting energy into practical plan that creates justice or helps you find meaning.

The final tense square is from the Sun on 1 February, though this generally is more about confidence, courage, and grounding your ideals – this is a day to walk your talk so to say. After this, Mars settles into it a more grounded style. Yes, it’s uncomfortable for Mars in Venus’s sign, but every warrior needs a little R&R. There is a square from Venus on 20 February, right as the Moon in Taurus joins Mars, and it feels more about comfort, peace, and activating connecting, though it could signal disruptive conversations between partners or miscommunication in affairs of the heart.

Some other insights for Mars in Taurus include:

  • The ancient Romans believed Mars was more than just the God of War and saw the gifts it brought to farming and agriculture. Here the Mars energy is applied to tilling, planting, and reaping, seeing what it can build and grow. Try getting your hands in the soil, or getting active in nature with gentle walks, hiking or running.
  • In earth signs, Mars likes to push against gravity so try putting any frustrated energy into weight lifting, pilates reformer beds or resistance exercise.
  • Mars can also be the activist, so hopefully we’ll see more noise and action around environmental issues, women’s rights, and physical resourcing issues such as poverty and food insecurity.
  • In this fixed earth sign, Mars is like a bulldog that never lets go once it has sunk it’s teeth into something, so if you need tenacious energy on your side now is the time to dig in.

It will be a different playing field though when Mars travels through Leo in June/July and then it’s home ground of Scorpio in November and December… hopefully we’ll have learnt our lessons we need to know by then!

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