Mars into Leo – “Channel your inner Bette”

Mars has just moved into Leo, and after my accident prone few days I am very thankful he is out of sensitive Cancer where he floundered to find his feet in the watery realms. Now he’s in a fire sign again, and ready for his usual action, perhaps even more fired up after pacing back and forwards in Cancer. Sensitive emotions and deep inner stirrings may ease off now, as the move to dramatic Leo brings a whole new vibe.

I always think of Bette Midler with Mars in Leo, as that is a strong placement in her chart and she epitomises Leo with her fiery red mane and sassy personality. Fiesty, confident, and bold, she may be small in stature but you always know when she is in a room. Her personality, her style, her voice are all out there, loud and proud. Bette is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, the list of her accolades is huge, and she’s known to be driven, focused and very loyal – all strong Leo traits. In an article she said “I’m incapable of doing anything other than entertaining” and that is Mars in Leo to a tee. There is also a huge generosity to Leo, which Bette Midler shows in her regular charity work, including the New York Restoration Project which has been restoring run-down parks in poor neighbourhoods in New York City for nearly 25 years.

So what does this mean for us mere mortals? How can we use this energy? As a close Leo friend of mine loved to say “Channel your inner Bette!” You’ll hopefully feel more inspired and energised to just ‘get things done’ and there is a focus to this fixed fire sign that helps us stay on topic and move forward strongly in one direction. This feels heavenly after the to and fro of Cancer’s sideways walk. Joining Mercury here, this could give you even more confidence to speak your truth or assert your own needs in a situation.

Leo is creative, playful, passionate, and all about the heart, so try putting your energy into a creative project that inspires you or focusing on an area you are passionate about will fuel you as we head into eclipse season, and beyond. There is a loyalty and generosity to Leo, so giving of your time and energy with those in your “circle of trust” will be satisfying, perhaps planning some playful adventures or helping out a friend in need. Mars will now be in a sign based trine with Jupiter until mid-August, so you may make a dramatic move on any of those Sagittarius big picture ideas  – think of whatever you’ve been dreaming/working on since November last year. You can also look at this month’s forecast for your sign to see just how you can consciously use this energy in a more personal way.

So it’s a small yet exciting and fun antidote to the upside-down energy of the eclipse season over the next few weeks. Try deliberately planning things that bring you joy and pleasure, even if it’s making sure you get the sun on your face for 20 minutes a day. Once the Sun and Venus also enter Leo later in the month (23 and 28 July respectively) then the Festival of Leo will begin and we’ll all be able to bask in the warm, celebratory energy it brings!


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