Mars into Libra – From Terminator to Politician

It’s time for the warrior to turn diplomat, leaving behind the directness of the battlefield for the subtle ways of the political realms. It’s not comfortable, yet the warrior knows firsthand the costs of war and is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep peace. Venus’s sign smooth’s the edges of this rough diamond, though it doesn’t hide the raw truth of who and what he is.

I always think of Arnold Schwarzenegger with this placement, the “Terminator” turned politician, who struggled in his early days to find a diplomatic way. For straight-shooting Mars, making nice with those he doesn’t respect is challenging, but if he can keep the higher mission in mind he’ll make it through. And Libra does have a higher mission – fairness, equality and justice – and he’ll bring his sword against anything that may tip the scales of justice in the wrong direction.

Libra is Venus’ sign, so the coolness may temper Mars forceful nature. Mars is used to thinking only for itself, while Libra calls to seek all points of view. It is an air sign, and cardinal too, so there is more room to move and action to be had here so Mars can have his way. Like UN peacekeeping troops, the main mission is peace but they have their orders to use force if necessary to maintain it. Those born with this placement are usually sensitive to injustice, aim to actively create equality and are willing to fight for those who are vulnerable. Some good ways to give Mars in Libra a positive outlet are activities that involve breath work (yoga & pilates), or active ways to work as a team (doubles tennis, volleyball, cricket). Even walking with friends or social tennis can fit the bill.

Image by Timothy White.

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