Mars into Virgo – Movement towards purity

A change is blowing through from the Universe, as Mars has moved into the cool, earthiness of Virgo. While all the Leo fire had the desired empowering and cleansing effect, there’s now a sense of getting our feet back on the ground and mapping out our path ahead as we take all the passionate energy and contagious ideas of the last few weeks and begin to tangibly shape something from them.

Mars rules work and physical energy, which in Virgo expresses in a detailed and precise way. You can just get jobs done with this energy. Small tasks you’ve had in the back of your mind for ages but never had the time or energy for? Tick. Deep cleaning jobs that you’ve been avoiding. Tick. Projects that need mental focus and accuracy that the past few months of crazy haven’t allowed? Tick.

The earth of Virgo is practical and tangible, so this energy always reminds me of the deft abilities of craftspeople who have spent years practising and honing their skills. Mars rules sharp objects, so Mars in Virgo is like a woodworker using small, deft movements to create objects of art out of raw wood. The higher the skill of the craftsman, the more refined the outcome. So Mars’ seeking for purpose combined with the Virgo drive towards purity can help us carefully craft our actions so the next stage can be yet another step above.

As Mars moves into a new sign, it will energise a new area of your chart, giving you the chance to tidy up and clear things away that are distracting you from your aims. The pleasure principle of Leo gives way to focus and a willingness to work hard. It’s always best to give Mars some work to do so he doesn’t get frustrated and start a little war to keep himself occupied. Here are some tips on using his energy in Virgo, specific for your chart. This time around Mars is in Virgo until 15 September 2021.

Mars in 1st house (Virgo Rising) – here is a chance to put energy into being your best self or to look after your own interests in a simple, refined way. You’re invested in personal freedom right now, and more willing to stand up for what you need or want in relationships. Mars here also brings physical energy, so get ready to put that into something productive, anything that gets the body moving and blood pumping will serve it well.

Mars in 2nd house (Leo Rising) – it’s time to get your financial affairs in order and put some energy into more efficient and effective ways of dealing with your income and assets. Shopping around for a better banking deal, looking for an investment property or putting energy into ways to increase your income will all be a great use of this energy. Work on self-value is also useful, competitive thoughts towards the produce of others is often a good indicator of a need for this.

Mars in 3rd house (Cancer Rising) – the house of communication and learning, Mars here energises the mental skills or encourages you to work more on those skills. Confident communication and selling ideas work well, or you may just find a flurry of emails, message and phone calls invites you to communicate more with others. You could also try joining neighbourhood activities, taking a few short trips or getting active with your siblings.

Mars in 4th house (Gemini Rising) – This energy cries SPRING CLEAN! Even if it isn’t spring where you are, Mars will bring activity into your home and have you organising up a storm – think trips to Kikki K or IKEA. It can signal some discord in those you share a home with, or a stirring up of childhood issues, and with Mars it’s best to deal with openly and honestly as you can. Getting active with family or flatmates can help burn off Mars’ heated energy.

Mars in 5th house (Taurus Rising) – This really is a crafting transit for you as you bring energy into your creative area and honing your skills here. Pleasure will lie in picking up your artistic tools again. Or it may be in spending time with your children, and perhaps bringing them into the creative fold.

Mars in 6th house (Aries Rising) – You are recognising the importance of a healthy body, so bringing sound wellness routines into play allows for efficient use of your time and energy. This could also look the same at work, as you see the way to create systems that allow for more productivity.

Mars in 7th house (Pisces Rising) – What relationships need some of Virgo’s finesse? Where can you show up more with acts of service or showing you seek connection? This is putting energy into your relationships, showing up for loved ones and letting go of yourself more so you can feed more life into what you do together.

Mars in 8th house (Aquarius Rising) – A great time to be working actively with debt, taxes and other people’s resources. It could be renegotiating your mortgage, sorting out your will or finalising your taxes. It can also be a time to wrestle with your psyche and cut out some of the old patterns that no longer serve you.

Mars in 9th house (Capricorn Rising) – Ahhhh, the itchy feet transit! Making overseas travel plans or even going on impromptu trips to foreign lands, or you could be spending time with people from another culture. This can also be a call to broaden your horizons through higher learning, such as enrolling in a university course, or putting more energy into your spiritual practices and honing them down to what works practically for you on a day to day basis.

Mars in 10th house (Sagittarius Rising) – a focus on your career path. This is a time to set intentions related to professional development, career goals and taking practical steps towards achieving success. Virgo is meticulous and likes all the details, so writing down all the steps on the path to accomplishment can only help and you’ll feel great achievement as cross each one off the list.

Mars in 11th house (Scorpio Rising) –This can show up as taking action towards grand future visions towards the greater good, where the focus is less personal, more communal. Friendships, tribe, groups of like-mind, all call for your energy now, and the other planets follow later in the month to make this a focus for the end of August and early September.

Mars in 12th house (Libra Rising) – This seems like two opposites; the heat and drive of Mars in the quiet solitude of the 12th house. Try putting energy into creating a schedule of down-time, and booking in times for retreat. Or active time out, such as solo hikes or walking meditations. Think of it as preparing the soil so you can plant new seeds next month. Also bringing in practical reasons for time out to assuage any guilt – that is always a barrier to this much-needed practice.

*This article has been revised from an earlier edition in 2019

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