Mars Retrograde 2018 – Fly with Eagles

26 June – 26 August 2018

Mars pulls his chariot to a halt today, turning backwards to revisit battlegrounds of old. Past tensions resurface, old fights triggered… the question is, will you engage and reopen the wounds of battle?

The sign of Aquarius offers calm neutrality, like climbing into those Swiss Alps to retreat from the heat and mess of war. It’s hard work climbing that high road and the steep valleys on either side claim good intentions forgotten and promises broken, but qualities like discipline, forgiveness and patience with yourself will keep you on the right path.

Inner fires can be stoked over with Mar’s turn inwards, and fire forges strength. Think of a blacksmith’s fire; in it you can produce an axe which can cut wood for building up, or become an executioner’s tool. The energy of the next few months will show you the tools you need, then it’s your choice how you shape and wield them.

Looking for some helpful tips for the next few months?

– pause before acting

– practice your patience

– stoke your inner fire

– listen to wise counsel

– always take the high road

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