Aquarius Monthly Forecast

Leo New Moon (8 deg) – 1 August
Brisbane 1.13pm, London 3.13am, New York 30 July 11.13pm

Aquarius Full Moon (22 deg) – 15 August
Brisbane 10.29pm, London 1.29pm, New York 8.29am

Virgo New Moon (6 deg) – 30 August
Brisbane 8.36pm, London 11.36am, New York 6.36am

Your ruler Saturn is much quieter this month, but the action in the fixed signs still keeps things interesting for you. All the focus on Leo means your awareness is drawn to your relationships, and you’ll find putting energy into other people brings it’s own rewards. You’ve perhaps become a people magnet in recent weeks, though it’s not that comfortable with Mars in the mix. However now Venus is in there, and soon Mercury, there’s a sweet balm to offer connections that add meaning. The New Moon in Leo on 1 August gives you a chance to work out priorities around your relationships and then follow that up with action – because choices without movement become stagnant water. As John Donne wrote so beautifully, “No man is an island entire of itself” and this month really is, for you, a chance to embrace those intimate in your life and give thanks for what their connection brings (*full poem is below). What is it you hope to create with others? What qualities are important to you? Focus on these, seek them out, and offer them up to others. Venus’s square to Uranus on 2 August can shake things up, as new and unusual ways of connecting may bring in the answers you are looking for.

Now all the Cancer-Capricorn energy has passed, hopefully any lingering health issues or problems with colleagues have sorted themselves out? If not, you may find the last pass of Mercury through Cancer (1 to 12 August) is the chance to have those necessary conversations. Sensitivity and empathy will go a long way to finding the best resolution for everyone.

7 to 10 August is one of the loveliest weeks of the month, and this can bring much from friends and loved ones so make the most of time with both intimates and your larger circle of friends. When you offer attention, even affection to others, they’ll warm up in the glow of your love and return it tenfold. The middle of the month holds some tension when the Moon meets you ruler, Saturn, on 12 Aug (7.53pm AEST) then moves on into Pluto’s grasp the next day. It’s like a small child facing up to stern old men in the family, but he’s knows honesty is the best policy and if reprimand is due then it’s best to get it over with so he can go back to his play. Retreating from the world on those days, or turning inwards can help you find the answers you seek and then look for how to make amends.

And then you’ll be ready for the Full Moon in Aquarius on 15 August, offering the chance to let go of any false ego or old world views that no longer fits where you are now. Full Moons are times of compromise and with all the recent focus on relationships there is an urge to come back to yourself again. Look back to those New Moon priorities you set as they will act as markers towards the path you chose in the constant dance of being an individual and yet part of something greater – human kind and all the belonging it offers.

This month brings a second New Moon in it’s final days – the gift of the New Moon in Virgo – and a chance to revisit those things you share with others – finances, support, DNA. You may need to ask for extra support in your life, but it does mean being vulnerable with those you trust. The things is, when you reveal your less perfect side, so you know that you are valued, warts and all!

Power days: 7, 9 & 21 August

Day to watch: 10 August

* ‘No Man is an Island’ by John Donne

No man is an island entire of itself; every man

is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;

if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe

is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as

well as any manner of thy friends or of thine

own were; any man’s death diminishes me,

because I am involved in mankind.

And therefore never send to know for whom

the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

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