Aries Monthly Forecast

Leo New Moon (8 deg) – 1 August
Brisbane 1.13pm, London 3.13am, New York 30 July 11.13pm

Aquarius Full Moon (22 deg) – 15 August
Brisbane 10.29pm, London 1.29pm, New York 8.29am

Virgo New Moon (6 deg) – 30 August
Brisbane 8.36pm, London 11.36am, New York 6.36am

Oh how the energy has shifted, now we have a break from the eclipses and the Cardinal signs in general. Mars, your ruler, has been in Leo’s fiery domain for a few weeks now, but with the Sun and Venus there as well, you’re all about fun, pleasure and creativity. The New Moon on 1 August will emphasise this even more. Passion! Boldness! Movement! You’ve got it in spades right now. The trick is to not burn too bright too fast, so do try to bring in some physical movement so you can give it an avenue of expression. Walking, running, yoga, dance, anything active will get you in the spirit of things!

With both Jupiter and Venus bringing in their juicy energy you not only feel confident, but others notice it too and will put more faith in your optimistic ideas and goals. You’ve been focused on family and home recently, and with Mercury stationing direct on 1 August, you have the space to speak out all you have been dwelling about or brooding on. If you still feel overwhelmed, perhaps waiting until Mercury moves into Leo on 12 August will ensure the emotion is taken out of what needs to be said.

Spending more time with hobbies or sports bring out that inner fire after all the Cancer wetness of recent months. What have you been discovering about yourself in recent months? In all the hard work did you yearn for something fun and light to do? Now is the time to do that! Leo is about vibrancy, our vital force, that feeling of being alive. Time with children is a wonderful way to activate this space, getting into their light-hearted fun vibe. Head out on an adventure day or start a creative project without thought of the end goal, but let them lead the way!

And love life? Venus is nudging you to shine your warmth back into your relationships and bring a romantic spark back. For those who are single, there’s a new confidence in getting out there and others are drawn to this like a magnet. It’s not a time to play coy or hide behind a cool mask, let others see you for who you are, let that Leo heart shine forth. For those in a relationship, finding time to play with your partner is the secret of reconnection. Movie date, mini golf madness, or a romantic picnic – choose your own romantic adventure and just see where it leads. Some heat between the sheets will hopefully be part of it when Venus and Mars meet up on 25 August, though may have to schedule it with it happening in earthy Virgo!

Mid-month sees your energy levels settle as Mars moves into practical Virgo on August 18. While pleasure is still on the menu, you are recognising the importance of a healthy body, so bringing sound wellness routines into play allows for efficient use of your time and energy. This could also look the same at work, as you see way to create systems that allow for more productivity. If old habits are hard to shift, a trine to Uranus on 28 August could give you the oomph you need to break their hold and create a new lifestyle.

This month brings a second New Moon in it’s final days – the gift of the New Moon in Virgo – and a chance to revisit your wellness, fitness or eating habits and bring them more consciousness into how you approach this area of your life. Stable routines offer a good foundation for all other areas of our life.

Power days: 1 & 25 August

Days to watch: 18 & 28 August

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