Aries Monthly Forecast

Full Moon in Aries (20 deg) – 14 October Brisbane 7.07am, 13 October London 10.07pm & New York 5.07pm

New Moon in Scorpio (5 deg) – 28 October Brisbane 1.38pm & London 3.38am, 27 October New York 11.38pm

The Libra focus in recent weeks has called you to look at world through new eyes; those of intimates and loved ones. What has that mirror reflected? Did Saturn bring the cool light of reality to bear? Have adjustments been called for? As Mars (your ruler) moves into Libra on 4 October you have new energy to bring to partnerships and a willingness to collaborate. Mars isn’t so comfortable in Venus’ territory, but in a cardinal air sign there is some room for him to move. Here he knows the value of peace and will fight to ensure all is fair and equal.

Looking toward career, as the Sun meets Saturn and the South Node on 8th there is another chance to let go of false perceptions of success and realise new goals and dreams that involve alliances. The right collaborations won’t see you relinquish your cherished independence, but instead offer the step up you need to keep climbing the ladder towards your successes. The tug of war between home and work life continues, and this month throws relationships into the mix as well, so you could feel like you’re fighting fires at every step. If this is the case, take a step back and see just what in YOU is creating issues in all these areas. Try simple discussions with those involved to see just how you can all help each other out. The Full Moon on October 13/14 and the Mars-Saturn square on 28th are both dates to watch to see where ego is getting you into trouble and how important it is to let it go of false expectations of doing it all on your own. Frustration and tension are all possible at this time, and it

As the focus slowly shifts to Scorpio this month, it’s also a time for you to sort out just what you share. Whether it’s finalising taxes, focusing on clearing debt or getting clear on who pays for what with your partner, it’s important to be on stable ground before Mercury turns retrograde in this area on 31 October. Reflecting inwards and delving into buried emotions is also a hallmark of this, so perhaps it’s time to air any dirty laundry towards a fresh start – and the New Moon in Scorpio on 27/28 could be just that in a unexpected and surprising way!

Power Dates: 14 October

Dates to Watch: 4, 22 & 28 October

Quality for the month: Reflection

Tips to work with this month’s quality

  1. Find a person in your life, who you think embodies this quality and watch them, research them, and try to follow their footsteps.
  2. Look for a historical figure who embodied this in their life, perhaps read their biography, watch a movie about them, connect to how they brought this quality to the world.

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