Capricorn Monthly Forecast

Full Moon in Aries (20 deg) – 14 October Brisbane 7.07am, 13 October London 10.07pm & New York 5.07pm

New Moon in Scorpio (5 deg) – 28 October Brisbane 1.38pm & London 3.38am, 27 October New York 11.38pm

Your ruler, Saturn, keeps his hand on the wheel as Libra season forces action in a new area – your professional life. As Mars moves into Libra on October 4, you may feel stuck in a professional rut or held back from doing what you want to do. Revitalise your career goal, put in some elbow grease, and know that focused work done now can offer long term rewards. Yes, your energy levels still aren’t the best, but that helps you focus even more in what is important and sticking with that. The frustration of a square from Mars to Saturn on 29 October could bring transparency on what really will work, and cut away what doesn’t fit for you. A sense of empowerment can come from the practice of saying “No”, or at least “Wait until I’m ready”.

A square to Saturn from the Sun on October 8 could shine a spotlight on important choices you’ve been wanting to make but weren’t sure if it was quite the right time. Considered confidence offers a chance to finally trust in yourself, and if inner voices say “but you can’t”, acknowledge them and then just do it anyway – you are an adult now making adult decisions, aren’t you? The final pieces of the puzzle are becoming obvious and you know it’s not long to wait until the whole picture is displayed in front of you, with incredibly simple beauty.

Mercury is the first planet to move into Scorpio on October 3, followed by Venus on October 9, and this is when you start looking to the future. What are your hopes and dreams, how can they be brought to life? Venus here is especially lucky, so do look to your friends for support as they are ready and willing. The New Moon in Scorpio offers a chance to set some seriously powerful intentions for the year ahead, bringing in themes of self-mastery, empowerment and transcendence.

Power Dates: 8 & 28/29 October

Dates to Watch: 29/30 October

Quality for the month: Humility

Tips to work with this month’s quality

  1. Find a person in your life, who you think embodies this quality and watch them, research them, and try to follow their footsteps.
  2. Look for a historical figure who embodied this in their life, perhaps read their biography, watch a movie about them, connect to how they brought this quality to the world.

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