Gemini Monthly Forecast

MAY 21-JUNE 20

Full Moon in Aries (20 deg) – 14 October Brisbane 7.07am, 13 October London 10.07pm & New York 5.07pm

New Moon in Scorpio (5 deg) – 28 October Brisbane 1.38pm & London 3.38am, 27 October New York 11.38pm

Not long into this month, Mercury moves into the deep territory of Scorpio and your mind turns towards trust, intimacy and inner awareness. Mercury’s travels through the water signs brings the retrogrades this year, and in Scorpio it is about internal dwellings and deep stirrings. This 6 week period is a focus on health and wellness for you, putting in place good routines that provide a stability and grounding. Uranus can bring sudden insights or unusual solutions on 7 October, so be open to the unknown and prepared to tread the path less followed. Mental health could be a focus as Uranus highlights restless feelings or potential anxiety, and a safe space with a trusted person where you can share your innermost thoughts can bring healing as Venus joins Mercury from October 9th.

As the Sun in Libra sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius on October 13/14, it’s a chance to make the most of Jupiter while you still can. Bringing pleasure or adventure into your relationship can rekindle a fire, or try taking a confident leap into a new romance that has opportunities for growth if based in reality. The Aries Full Moon on 14th highlights a polarity between time with children or creative pursuits and time with community. Can you do both? Your commitment to creating a better world can inspire new creative thoughts, or encourage the next generation to see what is possible when they have a fire in their belly too.

A sweet trine from Mercury to Neptune fires the imagination at work on 22nd, though it’s not a day to get into hard facts and figures. Use it instead for tasks that require creativity or visioning to get some real results. The end of the month sees a slowdown in Mercury, and then a station to retrograde on 31 October. He moves backwards that day with a kiss from Venus and promises of reconciliation bringing courage and healing as he heads into his internal state. You can use the energy of the Scorpio New Moon a few days before to set intentions towards internal understandings to make the most of this transit, though be ready for outcomes you didn’t expect.

Power Dates: 13/14 & 22 October

Dates to Watch: 7 & 31 October

Quality for the month: Encouragement

Tips to work with this month’s quality

  1. Find a person in your life, who you think embodies this quality and watch them, research them, and try to follow their footsteps.
  2. Look for a historical figure who embodied this in their life, perhaps read their biography, watch a movie about them, connect to how they brought this quality to the world.

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