Leo Monthly Forecast

Leo New Moon (8 deg) – 1 August
Brisbane 1.13pm, London 3.13am, New York 30 July 11.13pm

Aquarius Full Moon (22 deg) – 15 August
Brisbane 10.29pm, London 1.29pm, New York 8.29am

Virgo New Moon (6 deg) – 30 August
Brisbane 8.36pm, London 11.36am, New York 6.36am

It’s Leo season, and there is a lot of focus on you right now, you’ve come out of hibernation and you’re ready to roar, loud and proud. The question is, what is it you want to say? The recent months have brought much out of the shadows and you’ve faced lessons you didn’t know you needed, but as you slowly integrate all this you’re feeling ready to move forward, onwards, into a new future.

And what a future it is for you, this month ahead. The New Moon in your sign encourages you to go after what you want, and assert your needs, and create opportunities where you put yourself first, without guilt or excuses. If you are not promoting you into the world, then who else can? And the beauty for Leo specifically is that any intentions you set on this day will get extra juice from a Sun-Jupiter trine on 7 August, where you will seem to have the Midas touch! Confident, passionate, inspired – you’ll feel like you can fly with the uplift of this transit. So don’t hold back, but also remember Icarus who flew too close to the Sun. The moral of story is to make sure you are coming from a true space (not an ego space) to create a foundation that is real. How do you know what’s ego? Observe your mind and thoughts, and see how it feels from that space, then you’ll know what’s truly yours and what’s drive from fear-based ego.

Mercury then moves back into Leo on 11/12 August, and now you have plenty to say, the words will start tumbling out again and your mind finally has clarity now it’s out of the sogginess of Cancer. 14 August sees your ruler, the Sun, meet up with Venus and she pours some of her healing and sweetness your way. Venus binds, and unites, and in your first house, this has the hallmark of bringing all parts of yourself together for a check to make sure everything is working together. You’ll also have a glow about you that day, and your loving heart may be larger than ever so shine that love on your nearest and dearest and don’t be surprised if you get compliments or attract some new love interest on that day.

The Aquarius Full Moon on 15 August offers a cool, neutral reflection on the state of your relationships in the face of the focus on yourself. Loved ones can offer wisdom and words of advice on whether or not you’ve gone too far towards your own goals, or if you need to draw back into your relationships more. No man is an island!

23 August marks a turn for the practical, as the Sun moves into Virgo, and your second house of finances, assets and values. You may wish to tidy up your finances, look at where you need to tighten your belt, or perhaps where you’re not being valued enough. Do you need to increase your prices? Or ask for a raise? Looking at the finer details and checking all the facts will help you make a great case if you do. The second New Moon in Virgo on 30 August is a chance to manifest some real security – financial and emotional – as you take practical steps towards your future!

Power days: 7 & 14 August

Days to watch: 21 August

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