Pisces Monthly Forecast

Full Moon in Aries (20 deg) – 14 October Brisbane 7.07am, 13 October London 10.07pm & New York 5.07pm

New Moon in Scorpio (5 deg) – 28 October Brisbane 1.38pm & London 3.38am, 27 October New York 11.38pm

Libra Season has had it’s challenges and bright spots, though for you this may have been more through other celebrations of other than directly to you. Are you giving too much of yourself away to others, or focusing on the greatest good to your own detriment? As Mars moves into Libra on 4 October, tensions and frustrations could show just where you need to focus on yourself a little more and look underneath the surface.

As Mercury (3 October) and then Venus (9 October) move into Scorpio, the emphasis is more on opening your mind and perhaps doing a little truth seeking. Spiritual pursuits, travel, even higher education all fit the bill well, though try fitting in any travel before Mercury goes retrograde on 31 October if you can. This period often bring delays, though often it’s the times we’re forced to slow down that offer rich experiences.

The bright spot this month for you is a confident connection between the Sun in Libra and Jupiter on 14 October – look back to 29 September, this may bring some extra power or courage to level up in your career life as you easily quieten your inner critic. The Full Moon later that day may show just where you can use your resources to help others, as they say “sharing is caring”.

The Scorpio New Moon has powerful change energy, though caution needs to be taken with Uranus in the mix, expect the unexpected. Foreign connections or wisdom from a surprising place can help you expand your horizons and see things from a higher perspective. Plant some exciting new seeds, though the final iteration may not be what you imagined.

Power Date: 14 October

Dates to Watch: 4 & 31 October

Quality for the month: Wisdom

Tips to work with this month’s quality

  1. Find a person in your life, who you think embodies this quality and watch them, research them, and try to follow their footsteps.
  2. Look for a historical figure who embodied this in their life, perhaps read their biography, watch a movie about them, connect to how they brought this quality to the world.

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