Scorpio Monthly Forecast

Leo New Moon (8 deg) – 1 August
Brisbane 1.13pm, London 3.13am, New York 30 July 11.13pm

Aquarius Full Moon (22 deg) – 15 August
Brisbane 10.29pm, London 1.29pm, New York 8.29am

Virgo New Moon (6 deg) – 30 August
Brisbane 8.36pm, London 11.36am, New York 6.36am

Now that all that is behind us, you’re ready to put your nose to grindstone and get to work. As the pileup of planets continue moving through Leo, so do the professional opportunities for you as all these planets link into Jupiter’s growth and optimism. The New Moon in Leo on 1 August is a real chance to set your career targets for the month, even year, ahead and get in touch with what you want to receive, including accolades, support, promotions and pay rises. This New Moon ahead, helps you give them the steady push that only Leo fire can bring. Work out what you are worth and go for it!

As the Sun moves through this area, you’re not only getting the spotlight, but given a sweet glow from Venus here too. Both of these will connect with Jupiter, along with the Moon, between 7-11 August, so expect some new energy towards that big idea or project you’ve been working on or a new avenue to open up in something new – all bringing possible financial/resource/asset based benefits back to you. If you can, make the most of it now, we only have a few months left of the supercharged growth serum Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Your ruler Mars then moves into Virgo on August 18, and things come back to earth a little more as the pragmatic and logical take over from the big idea and visions. This can show up as taking action towards grand future visions towards the greater good, where the focus is less personal, more communal. Friendships, tribe, groups of like-mind, all call for your energy now, and the other planets follow later in the month to make this a focus for the end of August and early September. As Venus meets Mars on 25 August, the cosmic lovers tangle together for better or for worse. Venus wants to connect and unite, Mars wants to separate and compete. However Mars’ heat warms Venus up, and Venus calm’s Mars’ fiery stance. It’s up to you how you bring these two together, though the earthy realism of Virgo will hopefully take much of the sting out of it!

A final trine between Mars and Uranus on 28 August can shake things up if you’re feeling a little stale in your relationship area. For those who are single, sparks might fly at a social gathering with someone who’s not your usual type, may be worth seeing where it goes. For those in relationships, changing up your routine and spending time in a group or could help you see what attracted you to each other in the first place.

Power dates: 7 – 11 August

Days to watch: 25 & 28 August

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