Taurus Monthly Forecast

Full Moon in Aries (20 deg) – 14 October Brisbane 7.07am, 13 October London 10.07pm & New York 5.07pm

New Moon in Scorpio (5 deg) – 28 October Brisbane 1.38pm & London 3.38am, 27 October New York 11.38pm

As your ruler, Venus, travels through her realm of Libra, the peace, balance and harmony you love has been easier to tap into though some challenges have helped you simplify and focus on just what it is you need right now. Hopefully a focus on routines and health has brought solid outcomes and your sweet tooth didn’t cause too much damage! The first day of the month brings a final reminder from Pluto that your beliefs shape your habits, so this is where your work lies.

This month will see a slow shift of focus towards relationships, and the “we” domains of your life as you pull in your belief systems to make sense of the new you. Uranus in Taurus has gifted you with a restless spirit and urge towards freedom, as you try to unshackle yourself from the old and outdated. These changes have reverberated through your relationships, and now it time to take stock and hold space for your loved ones to share their thoughts and feelings with you.

When Mercury opposes Uranus on October 7 partners, intimate or otherwise, may share their insights on how it is affecting them. It’s unfamiliar territory for you all, so listening neutrally and looking for new or unusual solutions can help you can move forward together. As your ruler Venus moves into Scorpio on 9th you’re more willing to see the other side, and open up yourself to intimate possibilities. Or the opposition on October 13 will clearly show the gap, so it’s time to work out if what you have is worth building a bridge for, or is it just too wide? Honest, open communication that supports deep understanding is key to knowing the answers here, and you can use the New Moon in Scorpio (28 October) to set intentions towards a relationship that allows the freedom you crave and fits the authentic life you are striving towards. As Mercury and Venus meet right as Mercury turns retrograde on 31 October, it’s time to examine just what you value in relationships, and whether or not what you currently have fits that bill. From now until 22 November is a time to turn your mind inwards make intuitive choices towards that end.

Power Dates: 20 & 22 October

Dates to Watch: 1 & 13 October

Quality for the month: Freedom

Tips to work with this month’s quality

  1. Find a person in your life, who you think embodies this quality and watch them, research them, and try to follow their footsteps.
  2. Look for a historical figure who embodied this in their life, perhaps read their biography, watch a movie about them, connect to how they brought this quality to the world.

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