Virgo Monthly Forecast

Leo New Moon (8 deg) – 1 August
Brisbane 1.13pm, London 3.13am, New York 30 July 11.13pm

Aquarius Full Moon (22 deg) – 15 August
Brisbane 10.29pm, London 1.29pm, New York 8.29am

Virgo New Moon (6 deg) – 30 August
Brisbane 8.36pm, London 11.36am, New York 6.36am

This month starts with your ruler, Mercury, stopping to turn direct on 1 August. He’s like the last straggler at the party, picking himself up off the retrograde floor and getting ready to leave for the Leo festivities on 12 August. You’ve learnt a lot about friendships, and the importance of putting your energy into the collective versus feeding your own passions, and now it’s time to rest. To take stock, to replenish your fuels. Mercury may have some last insights to offer on his way out of the door, so be open to conversations with others that explore your dwellings of recent weeks as they may offer some new perspectives that help finalise your internal shifts.

As all the focus moves into Leo, you are drawn inwards, away from the world. While everyone else is celebrating, you feel better taking time out and preparing the soil so you can plant new seeds later in the month. Using the New Moon in Leo to set intentions for just this will help you stay focused on what is required in the month ahead – good habits to give you rest or heal or retreat to connect with the unseen/spirit world in a safe, supported way. Mercury’s move into Leo on 12 August does offer a boost of vitality, one you’re grateful for, but you’re also happy to tuck it away, like a small gift you can use later on. For the first few weeks of August you’re just happy that clarity of mind is returning and you’re able to think more clearly about next steps.

Triggers to Jupiter in Sagittarius mean home is a space of joy and pleasure at the moment, and a sense of safety exists there as your sensitivity increases. Family, and friends you consider that way, can offer comfort, support and sweet words around 7-10 August, so consider allowing those you trust into your home or spending time with family during those days. When Mercury trines Jupiter on 21 August, thoughts, musing and dwellings around your place in your family and what a secure home truly means for you bring some big ideas you’ll want to get moving on right away. Mercury squares Uranus on 17 August and you may book some travel spur of the moment, or key into a new higher learning space. Perhaps a surprising insight or experience causes you to exploring new concepts of faith and your belief systems.

The second half of the month ends with a focus on you, Virgo, as first Mars moves into Virgo on 18 August) and brings some more energy and a willingness to assert yourself for what you want. Then Venus (21st) and the Sun (23rd) follow suit, this is when the world taps you on the shoulder and whispers, “time to come out and play” as you willingly rejoin the world again, in time to celebrate the earthy wonder of you! It feels like a chance for refinement for us all, but especially for you, as you polish up your style, enhance how you express yourself and make small adjustments to that unique path you follow. Your ruler Mercury joins them at full speed on 29 August, right as we have the second New Moon of the month, also in beautiful Virgo. As uncomfortable as it is, this is a month to assert yourself into the world, go after what you need and create opportunities where you put yourself first, without guilt or excuses. If you are not promoting you into the world, then who else can, even with in your own humble way?!

Power days: 21 & 29 August

Days to watch: 17-18 August

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