New Moon in Scorpio – Coming up out of the depths

8 November 2018, 2.02am Brisbane

Scorpio is mysterious, deep and intense. It’s a water sign, akin to the waters in the ocean depths; dark, hidden from human exploration, under enormous pressure and containing extremely adaptable life. Being the fixed water sign, there’s also the link to icebergs, which have only 1/8 visible above the surface what hides underneath is a powerful hulk of ice that can sink the unwary or overly confident.

It’s also the sign linked to death and rebirth, and what exists between them. It’s no coincidence that Samhain, Hallowe’en and Dias de los Muertos all happen during Scorpio’s time, when the veil between life and death thins. At core, it’s a time to remember the dead, our ancestors, and honour what they have contributed to our lives now and who we are. It’s also a time to recognise the unseen world, the world of the spirit, and know that they exist just as much as we do. It’s also linked to sex, and in that lies the opportunity for rebirth, for new life and opportunities. It’s where transformation happens in its most literal sense, yet another side of this enigmatic sign.

Death and rebirth can be literal or figurative, but it definitely links into the moment when death is faced and how suddenly what is important becomes as clear as day. Think of any crisis story, and the survivors involved will often say “It made me see what is really important” – often loved ones and the preciousness of time and their own life. Understanding that the dark times come, and by being present in them and living through them we can be strengthened and form new understandings of ourselves. It is also described in a tree that loses its leaves in autumn and drops its seeds in early winter; the decay of the dead leaves transforms and offers fertile ground for the next generation of seeds to grow.

Pain and loss are inherent with death. Like winter, the depths of despair or at the “knife’s edge” have their place too, as places of transformation and understanding. We hear “you need to feel the feelings” all the time but pain, hurt and loss are not easy to bear. Scorpio gets constipated, and if we hold onto pain, fear or grief they block us and stop other feelings coming in their place. The only way to release it is by going through it, then they will transform into calm, happiness or joy.

The themes around this sign – death, rebirth, sex, transformation, pressure – hold immense power, which is another facet of Scorpio. And with power comes responsibility, and the possibility of its corruption. Days after last year’s New Moon in Scorpio came the end of one of the most famous dictatorships on the planet, when President Mugabe was forced out the role he had held for over 30 years. Originally a freedom fighter against colonial British rule, initially he tried to be a fair and democratic leader. However over the years he skid backwards as that power corrupted him, and by the end of last century his dictator status was cemented. His Saturn in Scorpio (fear of losing power) overroad his compassionate Pisces Sun, and offers us all a modern moral tale.

This year has been quite the year for Scorpio, with Jupiter expanding its intensity, power and probing nature. Much has been lifted out of the shadows that needed attention, and areas of decay held to the light. We may have faced death of various types, and rebirths too. Venus’s recent retrograde has highlighted this area of our lives as well, softening and offering a healing balm. It’s interesting timing that this New Moon is right at the end of the Jupiter’s cycle in Scorpio. The last New Moon in Scorpio (18 November 2017) was the beginning of this energy, and now this New Moon is bringing it to a close. It’s like we’re being offered a final opportunity to come up out of the depths and make use of the treasures we’ve found. At the time of the New Moon, Mars (Scorpio’s ruler) is tempered harmonious link to Venus, like two opposing parties finally coming to the table for a peace treaty just before Mars finally slips into peaceful Pisces. With the air signs involved, it seems conversations based in authenticity and equality offer a new way forward, or at least a way to amicably part.

Some areas you could set intentions this New Moon…

· Death and rebirth – the past year has offered us hints to what has past it’s use-by-date (relationships, projects, internal patterns) and what needs to be transcended or transformed. You can set intentions about laying these things to rest so something new can spring up in it’s place.

· Power – look at power in your life, or lack of it. Is there a need for balance? Is empowerment needed, or correction in how you wield your power? Remember your core values and they will ensure your power is used wisely.

· Crisis and survival – you can set intentions around sitting with your feelings, examining them in an objective way, and then allowing them to pass. Another is being objective about where drama or crisis exists in your life as that is often a signpost saying “Fear held here!”

· Self-mastery – commitment, persistence, strength and discipline are all Scorpio key words here that can be useful in gaining self-control… just watch that control doesn’t become a choke hold.

· Shared resources – sex, money, self-value, all or any of these areas can be worked with under this New Moon to create abundance and self-worth.

Wishing you much success in the coming month!

Alicia x

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