New Moon in Taurus 2019

This Sunday is the annual New Moon in Taurus, which has such calm and peaceful energy, as the main drive of this sign is serenity. Serenity through acceptance, serenity through security, serenity through comfort and serenity through simplicity. So many of us know the Serenity Prayer from the 12 Step program:

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference”.

It is so simple, and yet so powerful. It teaches us about boundaries, in knowing what is ours to control and what isn’t. It tells us about patience and the beauty of waiting for things to become clear. It tells us that when we stay with ourselves and don’t get sucked into the drama, things are simpler. It also points out the simple reality of what belongs to us, what each of us is responsible for and the importance of owning our own stuff.

This, to me, is what Taurus is about. Bringing it back to basics, back to the here and now. Not spinning off into future worries that may never eventuate. Not sticking with the past, and wounds or pain that happened there. It’s in the right now, where you are in the moment. Simple.

And yet not so simple huh?! I know, our world teaches us to assess risk, based on past experience. Our monkey mind has a field day with worry, stress and anxiety. So what can we do? The answers are in Taurus too and what it rules – our sensual experience, our physical embodiment here on the planet.

Here’s a simple meditation to try out, spending 3 minutes with each sense as you do it…

  1. In a comfortable place, close your eyes and take some deep breaths while imagining breathing through your heart (here’s some amazing research about why this works) and continue this until your mind calms,
  2. Start by rolling your shoulders and then consciously relaxing them, then move to gently massaging your thighs, feeling the sensations in your fingers and your thighs, how it feels initially and then what feelings are left behind, what the sense of touch brings,
  3. Turn your attention to your sense of hearing, tune into the sounds around you, start with those outside the room and then bring it closer into what you are hearing in the room,
  4. Next, move to your sense of taste, what your tongue is tasting, perhaps your last meal or snack, and as you breath feel the air passing across your tongue,
  5. Now move to smell, what aromas are around you, are they pleasant or unpleasant, explore just how much this sense is picking up,
  6. Finally, gently open your eyes and explore your sense of sight, what can you see, how does light play out in the room, what colours are you picking up?
  7. To close, take a few deep heart breaths again and bring yourself back to reality…

What do you notice about yourself now? Calm? Peace? Detachment? Just being, in the moment? That is the point of Taurus, and the best place we can aim for, to build a still inner core within ourselves while the chaos of the outer world carries on around us. Yes, Uranus is currently transiting this sign and contributing to the chaos, so building that still, inner core is even more important.

So this New Moon you can set intentions around living in the moment, and a regular habit of practical exercises such as this that help bring you there. Heart breathing on its own will help, and can be practised anywhere, even while driving, especially while driving!

Other ideas for Taurus New Moon intentions include:

  • connecting to the simple pleasures of nature and Mother Earth, indulging your senses with good food, massage, whatever makes you feel alive,
  • assessing your self-worth and owning your value,
  • building solid foundations with patience and perseverance,
  • creating loyalty and trust,
  • accumulation and security, including money and possession,
  • creating physical beauty in the world, from redecorating your home to the creative arts,
  • letting go of stubbornness, resistance to change and attachment.

The New Moon in Taurus occurs on Saturday 4 May at 6.45pm in New York & 11.45pm in London, and on Sunday 5 May at 8.45am in Brisbane

If you know your rising sign, using the house Taurus rules will help you hone in to more specific areas of your life. You can contact me for a consultation to understand more about how this and other current astrology can be harnessed towards growth and success.

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