June Solstice and Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer | 21 June
4.41pm Brisbane, 7.41am London, 2.41am Eastern & 11.41pm Pacific (20 June)

Apollo’s daily chariot race through our sky sways gently from north to south during the year. Cancer and Capricorn mark pauses in this journey, a chance to stop the pell mell rush and refresh his horses before carrying on his eternal wanderings in that portion of our skies. On Sunday, he re-enters dynamic, watery Cancer and the pendulum of Apollo’s journey halts for a moment, right as a shadow darkens his face. This year, he’s not just stopping, he allows the gentle reflective Moon to take the reigns and plunge us into her semiconscious world. As the Sun, Moon and Earth all align in one plane, what if we turned the expected image of blocked light into a gateway beckoning towards futures unknown?

Figures from the past may loom large with Cancer and emotions can take us on a journey into the deep inner crevices. Perhaps you’ll meet half-buried wounds buried or have sensitive points reawaken under the eerie enchantment of this time. As we creep closer and closer, the pull becomes stronger, and it’s a time to reach for comfort where you can. The protective nature of Cancer offers safe container for vulnerable processes. Nourishing times with trusted friends around home and hearth, or perhaps sacred time alone, to face these inner demons with honesty, grace and strength. Perhaps their faces are known well to you, and you’re surprised that they were not vanquished before? Why again, you cry? As a gardener faces the weeds each spring, this is a chance to grasp their deeply buried roots and rip them from this next layer, knowing it creates space for something beautiful and nourishing to grow in the new clean space.

We’re already conscious of the pivotal time we are in, as 2020 causes the fabric of a broken society to thin and fray. This weekend will be a gate we can open and walk through to meet the future, but there’s a toll to pay – shedding what we think we know. Old psychologies, patterns of wounding and defensive power struggles have no place in the new realms, they literally cannot live there. The future isn’t a progression from the past, and if we try to hold onto what we think we know, we’ll be left behind. Allowing these eviscerating processes to happen is a step towards a better world, one we cannot even dream of.

Tips for the weekend to ease eclipse energy

  • Don’t do your usual New Moon rituals
  • Rest and gentle activities, like slow walks in nature, massage, relaxing beach swims or as a client reminded me lately, float tanks
  • Salt baths and cleaning your house, physically and energetically, to remove stagnant energy and built-up static
  • Journaling about our triggers and pain, then burning the pages
  • EFT tapping, you can watch my video guide here
  • Try one of the Rahu rituals Kaitlin Coppock recommends here

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