Pisces Full Moon 2021

28 Pisces – 21 September at 9.54am Brisbane, 1.54am London, 20 September at 8.54pm Eastern and 5.54pm Pacific

We’re just minutes away from the Pisces Full Moon as Virgo season order and efficiency is fading into the background as Pisces steals the spotlight. Pisces adores what Virgo abhors – the state of perpetual flux. This is the veil, the doorway, the gateway to the unknown as change cannot happen where things are fixed in place or shape. As the ethereal veil between the seen and unseen peels away, your receptivity is on high as the intuitive floodgates open and feelings, visions and sensations rush in. This can feel like swimming in an ocean of magic, as imagination and illusion call to you with their siren song, begging for creative outlet or just dreaming what is possible.

Or it can you may feel you are drowning within an unwanted influx of energy, more sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. It’s important to “know thyself” at such times and be aware of what does and doesn’t belong to you. Thoughts and ideas can pass more easily at such times, so spend today with those bring you calm and peace, and try leaning into kindness to yourself and others.

The usual five senses you rely on may be picking up extra sensations under this Full Moon’s spell – buzzing in your ears, prickling in your skin, blurring vision, unexpected smells or food tasting abnormal are all signs that the unseen is close. Take timeout to tune in. Whether it’s a walk in nature, time at the beach, in meditation or curling up quietly with a book, choose at least some solitude and quietness today and you never know what may join you in that space.

The fixed star Schaet is involved with today’s Full Moon, bringing even more potential disorder and messiness to this watery world. Your thinking is unlikely to be clear as the soupiness of this Pisces stew makes it hard to know what is real and what is tainted by compulsions, ego and past hurts. Take what wells up and let it settle for a few days before deciding on what is actually reality.

A final note – this ground is where Jupiter in Pisces will sit for quite a while in 2022, both in the first half and then October-November as well. You may find the spotlight of today’s Full Moon showing you visions or feelings of what those times in 2022 call for… so stay open and receptive!

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