Pisces Full Moon ’22

17 Pisces – Saturday 10 September, 7.59pm Brisbane, 10.59am London, 5.59am Eastern & 2.59am Pacific

Have you been enjoying the efficient, grounded energy of Virgo? I’m getting so much done, and feel the most focused I have for a while. Yet I’m ready for a time out and that’s what this Pisces Full Moon is all about! Like the ethereal jellyfish floating in ocean currents, the annual Pisces Full Moon is a time to let go and trust you’ll end up where you need to be.

I remember family road trips with my Virgo father – oh man, was he good at The Plan, everything scheduled down to minute details. He’d know how far a tank of petrol should get us, and therefore where we could refuel and take a rest stop. He’d also have the arrival time perfectly calculated and considered it blasphemy if we ran off schedule. The thorn in his side? My mother and the waters in her childbirth damaged bladder, which frequently caused side trips to find bathrooms off the beaten track. Other Australians will understand the stretches of nothing, and no, she wasn’t one to just squat in the bush. So like a Magical Mystery tour, we’d wander off into the countryside searching with Dad huffing and puffing but we’d invariably find a beautiful view or gorgeous little town we’d never have seen if we’d stayed with The Plan.

This Pisces Full Moon is about embracing similar experiences, so try discarding the plan, letting yourself float along and see where life or intuition guides you. You may have no idea where you’re going, or where you’ll end up, but that’s all the fun of it! It could be physical, mental or spiritual adventures you embark on, but just take a leap of faith and trust in being exactly where you need to be.

Being a water sign Full Moon this is likely to draw out the water works, so be prepared for some touchy or sensitive days. Tears have their own healing powers, so allow them to flow. Empathy and intuition will be heightened, especially with Neptune close by, which is wonderful for spiritual connections, inner work and psychic endeavours, but not so great for being in large crowds or around toxic people. Use the discernment of Virgo to create a protective earthy container for these inspiring yet tender Pisces waters.

Some practical Virgo tips for this Pisces Full Moon

  • find a sacred place or special people to be around over the weekend, and don’t feel guilty for saying no to what holds you under
  • relax into the feelings, knowing it’s better out than in, and better processed than held under, try breathing deeply into your heart
  • get yourself to water, be it bath, river, lake or ocean. Salt water is best, as it helps drain excessive fluid and Pisces rules the feet, so just immersing them can be medicine enough
  • harness this flow in creative pursuits that capture your imagination in a tangible way; think dancing, painting, drawing, singing, sculpting, whatever you can do to bring the mystical Pisces realm into the tangible, earthy Virgo world

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