Pisces Full Moon

7 Pisces – 31 August 11.35am Brisbane, 2.36am London, and 30 August at 9.36pm Eastern and 6.36pm Pacific

The Full Moon each month is a heady reminder of the connectedness of polarities, how both are two ends of the same bar. Where Virgo craves order, Pisces delivers flux. Virgo is the container and Pisces the flow that fills it. Virgo insists on reality while Pisces says a little fantasy never hurt anyone.

This emotional Full Moon is the high tide of Virgo season, the tug away from the tangible of the mundane into the world of dreams and imagination. Brushing up against Saturn, this Pisces Full Moon carries a yearning to straddle the tangible and intangible world, like being awake while dreaming, or even wondering what’s a dream and what’s reality. The thrill of poetry can only captivate with the material form of our tongues, throats and ears to pass on it’s inspiration.

Cinderella escaped her drudgery through compassion and magical thinking before the Fairy Godmother ever appeared. It was her kind heart and forgiving nature that drew the help to her, in whatever of the hundreds of version of this story you may read. Try bringing magic into your everyday, like stirring joy into a simple cup of tea, adding dollops of love to a home cooked meal or planting seeds in your garden with hope in your heart – your miracles don’t have to be huge. Or try communing with spirits in nature – seek out gnomes in the forest, discover undines in a river, feel for sylphs in the air or watch for salamanders in a fire.

Another form of practical magic is including gratitude in your daily routine. The practice of gratitude can boost serotonin and activate the brain stem to produce dopamine, both pleasure chemicals. The more practiced you are in creating positive, grateful thoughts, the happier and more fulfilled you feel. Gratitude journalling is good, but one step better is embodied gratitude, which will also change your brain faster. Once a day, spend ten minutes thinking what you are grateful for. Get deep with this, thinking not just what you are grateful for, but why. Then spend time turning inwards and feeling it in your body. What does gratitude feel like for you that day? Is it warmth in your chest? Lightness in your head? Tingling in your spine? Is there discomfort to it? All your responses are valid, and I suggest you sit and feel the Pisces flow in your Virgo temple of a body. Do this consistently for 60 days and you’ve created a habit!

With Venus on her stationing point in Leo, just a few days away from going direct, this feels like a pressing play on a paused moment in time, taking a memory frozen in a vivid photo pinned to the wall and bringing it alive again.

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