Planetary Days: Fridays and Venus

You’ve heard me talking about planetary days and hours in astrological magic, and quite a few of you have had questions about it. This is the final of the series exploring the ruler of each day and how we can work more consciously with its energy to have more flow in our lives.
Normally, it’s hard to do in our Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 routine. However these unusual times encourage the start of new times, and working in concert with the planets could be a better way to live. In traditional astrology, the planetary days start at sunrise, and the planet ruling the hour at sunrise has its energy carried with the sun throughout the day. So on Fridays, the calm, unifying energy of Venus is carried along through the whole day.

Venus is a feminine planet who brings cooling and gentle energy to our lives. She has the most moisture of all the planets, which is why she is considered a benefic, as WATER = LIFE. Deb Houlding compares Venus’ moisture to collagen, which plumps things up and binds them together. Think of collagen in the body, forming the connective tissues in our body that help hold the skeleton in place. Many beauty creams today use collagen to retain its moisture and create plump, dewy skin – so very Venus.

I remember the old days when Friday client lunches went all afternoon and the pleasures of good food and wine would help smooth the way to clinching deals or renewing contracts. Try using Fridays as a day to bring people together, renew old ties or form new ones. Or perhaps to build bridges over troubled waters when a cool mind and soft heart helps you or others see both sides of the equation. And yes, another way Venus unifies is through love, so romantic dates, or dates to renew the romance, are well conducted on Fridays, or even on Monday nights which Venus also rules. Try making Monday nights a regular date night with a loved one and watch your relationship blossom.

And we can’t forget the pleasure side of Venus, who rules beauty and desire. This magnetic quality is a little indulgent, so make Fridays about beauty routines, sharing a delicious meal with close friends (perhaps over Facetime to be COVID friendly) or creating beauty in the world, from time with your creative joys to practising acts of care, kindness and forgiveness. Look at your natal Venus’ sign and house placement for insight into the delights you might like to treat yourself to. A solo candlelit bath with a dystopian future novel is the ultimate in COVID luxury for my Venus in Scorpio, what does your Venus love? Gardening or forest bathing, a massage from your partner, shopping date with friends or swimming in the ocean are all potential Venus delights perfect for Fridays.

Venus also knows her own worth, and won’t stand for lack of respect. Venus is shrouded in cloud, giving her a serene surface appearance, but underneath she is all sulphuric acid and heat and this volatile side can be seen in the myths of Aphrodite and Diana too. She isn’t one to be crossed, or disrepcted, and won’t do anything unless her value is appreciated. Tap in this energy on Fridays, valuing yourself more and saying no to people or situations that don’t treat you as you deserve.

Finally, the best part – tt’s a perfect day for a Venus ritual on Venus hour which is sunrise on Fridays or during the second Venus hour later in the day. For ritual advice, please see the stories section on my IG channel, and I always suggest Sphere and Sundry for more in-depth information – there’s an excellent post in her website and the magical materia products are quite simply divine. And you can honour Venus simply by wearing green each Friday, from small accessories (scarf or jewellery or even underwear) to a whole ensemble.

If you’d like more on the other days of the week, read about all 7 planets and their days via this link.

2 thoughts on “Planetary Days: Fridays and Venus”

  1. Venus is the Second planet to the Sun. No water or Moisture is found on Venus and it’s Ruler is Libra which is Air.

    1. You’re right Amy, Venus is a solid planet of volcanic surrounded by sulphuric acid clouds, an extreme environment indeed.
      However, in traditional astrology, the temperament (humor) attributed to Venus is coolness and moisture, so is considered benefic energy as it is life giving. Venus actually rules Libra, not the other way around, and it also rules Taurus (Earth) too, but neither of these lend properties to Venus, instead they draw on that planet’s energy of beauty, connection and pleasure in their own domains.

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