Planetary Days: Sundays and the Sun

You’ve heard me talking about planetary days and hours in astrological magic, and quite a few of you have had questions about it. So I thought to spend the week ahead exploring the ruler of each day and how we can work more consciously with its energy to have more flow in our lives.
Normally, it’s hard to do in our Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 routine. However these unusual times encourage the start of new times, and working in concert with the planets could be a better way to live. In traditional astrology, the planetary days start at sunrise, and the planet ruling the hour at sunrise has its energy carried with the sun throughout the day. So on Sundays, the pure energy of the Sun is carried along through the whole day.

As far back as the Mesopotamians and in cultures all over the world, humans have honoured the Sun and its life-giving energy. Today, Sundays are used as a day of worship of the Son of God, though previously Sundays as days of Sun worship go further back than Christianity. No matter what our belief system, using Sundays to honour the Sun connects you to his vitality and generous life-giving properties.

The Sun shines on us all without judgement, offering his light to flowers, trees, weeds. His light and warmth are what makes this planet inhabitable for all life. Try setting aside time on a Sunday to feel the sun – whether it’s watching the sunrise, or getting outside in his sunlight or feeling his rays through a window. Sundays are the day to consciously connect into abundance and generosity by honouring what he provides us all with. The heat of the Sun can also burn, so it’s a day to purify and cleanse by burning away what doesn’t fit in your life.

Watching the Sun moving through the sky, he doesn’t know how to not shine. Confidence is his middle name. So Sundays offer a chance to tap into that, working on self-esteem and self-worth. The Sun is also a useful antidote to the heaviness or melancholy Saturn can bring. Try standing in the Sun and saying to yourself, “The Sun thinks you are worth his life-giving energy” to combat days when your self-value is ebbing.

Sundays are rest days in our culture, but unlike the quite rest Moon days, they are a day of rest from labour and work. The Sun has an active energy, so it’s a day for doing and things that celebrate life. Perhaps it’s enjoying all your body can do with fun games of sport or feats of athletics. It could be spending time with people who light up your life, like family and friends. Or it might be sunbaking, revelling in the warm feel of the sun on your skin.

Like the Sun is the centre of our solar system, we can use Sundays to put ourselves into the centre of what we love and what lights us up. As the Sun creates life, it’s a day to embrace your creative impulses. Set some time aside on Sundays for activities that brings lightness to your heart and play into your world. It’s a day to get lost in the creative process, without planned outcomes or judgement on the produce. When we lose ourselves in this place, new awareness wake up and have their time in the spotlight.

Of course, the colours of the Sun are gold and yellow, so wearing jewellery or clothes in either or both of these is another way to connect to the Sun’s confidence and glow.

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