Planetary days – Tuesdays and Mars

You’ve heard me talking about planetary days and hours in astrological magic, and quite a few of you have had questions about it. So I thought to spend the week ahead exploring the ruler of each day and how we can work more consciously with its energy to have more flow in our lives.

Normally, it’s hard to do in our Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 routine. However these unusual times encourage the start of new times, and working in concert with the planets could be a better way to live. In traditional astrology, the planetary days start at sunrise, and the planet ruling the hour at sunrise has its energy carried with the sun throughout the day. So on Tuesdays Mars rules the hour at sunrise, and his dynamic, “go-get-‘em” energy is carried through the day.

We move from the gentle, restful energy of Mondays into the fiery belly of Mars-ruled Tuesdays (in French, Tuesday is Mardi). Mars is the warrior of the planets, the pioneer, the explorer. His exuberant and enthusiastic energy can put a rocket under a stagnant task or initiate something new and exciting.

Tuesdays are definitely a day to get active, as his favourite thing is getting hot and sweaty. Enjoy a run, a Zumba class, boxing workout or your favourite ashtanga yoga routine. Whatever gets your heart pumping and your blood moving will burn up his fierce energy.

And that’s the secret to working with Mars – as a malefic planet you want to give Mars positive tasks he enjoys doing so he doesn’t play out unconsciously. When left to his own devices, his hot-headed nature brings frustration, irritability or outbursts of anger. On the positive side though, his confidence, boldness and daring make Tuesday’s a great day to get stuck into your working week, push to close a deal or start moving on something you feel stuck around. His attitude is “just do it” so apply this high octane medicine vigorously wherever it is needed on a Tuesday.

At work, Mars’ sharp edge will slice through the unnecessary or superfluous. Honest, direct and forthright, try bringing him into situations where the open truth is needed, as long it’s not hurtful. He can help with editing, cutting away dead wood or to getting to the heart of a problem to find the solutions needed. And if you’ve been procrastinating, Tuesdays can give you the extra oomph you need. I find if I have used my Monday’s well, giving space for a proper rest and creativity, I’m ready to fly out of the gate on Tuesday and put all my ideas into action.

It’s also a day to assert yourself and push forwards for what you want. Perhaps you have a battle you’ve been avoiding? Then bring Tuesdays on your side to have the energy to meet your opponent and find a solution that works for you both. Like a knight of ancient times, Mars loves a quest or mission, so find one and send him off towards success! If you have a large task to achieve, slice it up into smaller parts and then send Mars into action.

As for colours, Mars is all about red. From lipstick to shoes, or wear it from top to toe to make a super bold statement. I also like to use bright pinks on Tuesdays, as the higher octave of red, so play around yourself and experiment.

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