Returning to the Heart – your 2023 Venus Retrograde Guide

A writing journey to make the most of this cosmic invitation to return to our hearts and build a sense of true belonging


Venus Retrograde 2023

As Venus pauses then slips backwards in the passionate fires of Leo on 23 July, the Universe is beckoning us into the still depths of our core. Like Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, we have no idea what we’ll meet but it’s the yearning to meet ourselves, under all these layers, that tugs us along.

When Venus retrogrades, her bright light vanishes from the evening sky and is swallowed by the Sun’s brightness, only to be reseen again in the morning sky 40 days later. The ancient Babylonians believed Venus to be the goddess Inanna and established a myth to explain her regular disappearance as a descent into the underworld to be reborn, having accepted and reclaimed her shadow self. In the ancient poem “The Descent of Inanna” the goddess is shown to shed her adornments at 7 different gates before she meets her shadow self and dies, to be reborn with the help of her father.

As Venus disappears from our sight from 23 July, there is a cosmic invitation to undertake that same journey of shedding and rebirth, guided by the themes of Leo such as authenticity, courage and creativity. As we shed we can meet ourselves, and return to our hearts and true belonging. So I am offering you this unique writing journey as a way to re-value and re-relate to yourself over the coming 6 weeks.

What is included?

Each week, you will receive access to another part of your journal and any accompanying meditations to guide you to uncover your light, reclaim your worth and be ready to form authentic relationships.

Self-guided or supported?

This is a self-guided process, but you can always reach out to me via email for support along the way. If I can answer quickly I will, otherwise 30 min consults are $60 and 60 mins consults are $100.

Guidance Type

Self led, Community


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