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Manifest your visions for the year ahead as the Astrological New Year kicks off with the New Moon in Aries.


It’s that special time of the year again, when we connect back to the start of it all things astrology – Aries. It always amazes me how the glyph of Aries looks just like a seedling pushing above the soil, striving towards the light from the dark earthy soil. And that is what we’ll tap into during this workshop.

Join me for an afternoon of self-discovery as we dwell into the inner parts of ourselves and see what we wish to bring out into the light for 2020. With Saturn moving in Aquarius right before the New Moon, the focus is changing and new areas of our lives are open for grounding and stabilising.

We’ll start with a gentle exercise called “Electrobix” to cleanse our energy bodies, ready for a fresh new start.

Then it’s time for the facts, as we explore your individual birth chart and how this Moon is playing out in your own life and what is possible to create with. We’ll also be using your profected planets for the year and bringing in their energy. A quiet space will be offered for each of you to dwell on 10 important goals or visions you wish to work towards.

From here is the fun part, creating vision boards for the year ahead. I’ll provide all the materials, you just bring the ideas. We’ll be creating them on canvas so you can hang it easily and it will last through the year as a reminder to keep you focused and aware.

Finally, a meditation will seal it all in, ready for you to step out into the world carrying the drive and excitement that Aries offers.


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