Birth Chart Astrology consult

Gain self-understanding and insight into your unique gifts and areas of challenge, with practical tools to help you step forwards with confidence.



I look at the universe at the time you were born to translate the energies you have been gifted with to offer insight and understanding into your self and your journey on the planet at this time. I also look at current universal energies and how they are combining with your birth chart to offer opportunities and challenges for you and help you consciously work with them for the best possible outcomes.

This one-on-one session can be held in person in my rooms on the Sunshine Coast or via Zoom or Skype for clients from any other location. This consult lasts for around 90 mins.

1 review for Birth Chart Astrology consult

  1. Charo (verified owner)

    I had a consult with Alicia back in December 2021 and I am STILL finding myself going back to review it. I had been thinking about booking with her since I stumbled upon The Water Trio podcast, and I’m so glad I finally did it! Alicia is a deep diver and intuitively knows where the consult needs to go based on your conversation. I felt seen, held, and in the company of someone who really studied my chart and prepared for our session. Best of all, I left with practical tools and practices for the issues I struggle with. She was incredibly generous. I can’t recommend booking with Alicia enough! I will definitely be sending friends and family her way.

    • Alicia

      I’m so happy to hear how helpful your consultation was Charo! Wishing you much success with everything x

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