Beginners Astrology 2: Signs, Rising and Houses

Take this next step into Astrology through the signs and houses, in Unit 2 of the Beginner’s Astrology course


This is the next layer to the Beginner’s Astrology course, you’ll delve further into unlocking meaning in your birth chart by learning about the signs and houses. Now you understand each planet as a dancer, it’s time to explore the role yours are playing out and the backdrop they dance against.

Forming the second part of a beginners level course (designed for those with no knowledge of astrology, or those wishing to pull together the knowledge they have from podcasts, books and YouTube) this course is only open to those who have completed Beginner’s Astrology 1: The Planets.

You’ll learn how the planets’ energies are modified and amplified by the signs and houses they occupy, all through the lens of Traditional Astrology. Some of what is covered:

  • The importance of the rising sign, and the planet that rules it
  • Important facets of the twelve zodiac signs and how each planet expresses within it
  • Meaning of the twelve houses and which planet rules each
  • Which houses power, and which hold energy back
  • Overview of the different house systems, with a focus on whole sign houses

Each week you’ll explore real-life chart examples, as well as weekly assessments, reflective questions and some reading to assist with your learning. You will also get a 20 min one-on-one tutorial with Alicia towards the end of the course to ask any questions you may have. You’ll be working with your own birth chart, so please contact Alicia if you don’t have a copy and she’ll send it through.

Once you purchase this course, you’ll be sent a link to access my course portal within 24 hours where you can access video recordings, slides, readings, and assessments.


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