Choosing your Canyon – Breaking Patterns

Choosing your Canyon – Breaking Unconscious Patterns that hold you back



Everyone has had those moments of “Why did I say that? I swore I wouldn’t” or “Why did I do that again?” There are times when our unconscious patterns get the best of us, and no matter how much will power or focus we put into something, it rears its head at the worst times and you feel totally out of control. Like sitting in a kayak swept along a river, and no matter how hard we paddle we end up into the canyon swirling with waters of guilt and regret, instead of the peaceful river we want to choose.

Sometimes this isn’t important, but often time this gets in the way of us reaching our highest potential or following our dreams. There is a way to minimise these patterns which involves working with our entire complex to engrave our chosen, conscious choices over habitual, unconscious reactions.

This program teaches an effective tool you can use in all areas of your life, and across your whole lifetime. Some of the themes explored will be neutral self-recognition, exploring our higher purpose and use of intuition.

This life-changing course is seven sessions held over 10 weeks and can be done individually or as part of a small group. Book in via this link for the individual stream, and if you’d prefer the group option please email me via to be added to the waiting list. The next group course will be starting in May 2021.

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4 reviews for Choosing your Canyon – Breaking Patterns

  1. Kerryn

    The “Choosing your Canyon – Breaking Patterns” course with Alicia was a fantastic opportunity for me to create a shift and a new awareness within my personal framework – the outcome……I have become more comfortable in who I am and how I operate.
    This course provided a powerful reference point for me to ensure I was well equipped to continue outside of the sessions. I catch myself daily mentally referring back to what I learned and applying it to multiple situations and thoughts/behaviours. Alicia is an extremely intelligent, wise, supportive and gifted practitioner who I trust to ”add value” to my personal journey.

  2. Denise Oldale

    “Choosing your Canyon – Breaking patterns” with Alicia was absolutely fantastic in opening up my awareness on behavioral patterns that I have had all of my life till now. Alicia offered her support, knowledge, empathy and intuition throughout this course. Alicia gave me tools to use on my journey of life and now I am aware that I am loved and I’m never alone. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. Many blessings

    • Alicia

      It was a pleasure to have you in the course Denise, and I can’t wait to hear how it all unfolds for you x

  3. Brianna

    I am reminded of the impact this course had on me daily. I use the tools and knowledge Alicia has equipped me with to shift my perspective and awareness to choosing the canyon that supports my higher purpose.. free from negative patterns and belief systems that no longer serve me. Alicia guided me with so much love, care and wisdom and I’m very grateful ❤️

    • Alicia

      It was a pleasure to work with you Brianna and share your beautiful striving towards clarity and self-belief. I hope this tool serves you in many years to come x

  4. Sidd (verified owner)

    What a journey this was for me! And it is still ongoing!
    I committed to this course for a number of reasons: 1) personally, “assignments” work best for me and 2) after a few counseling and astro sessions with Alicia, I decided she was the soft and vigorous (human) ally that showed up at one point of my recent life that I never thought I was looking for.
    This beautifully structured program requires a lot of inner work, and Alicia offers the ground to explore and to articulate the expressions one’s deeper selves. Exercises, meditative tools and dialogue are covered in this program, and it’s truly a priceless package in accepting yourself and also finding other potential routes to take care of yourself. I had a lot of fun, a lot of surprises and a lot of contraction (which I believe is a good sign that one is putting in the work!) and Alicia held the space through all that with a poetic, nurturing, objective, and robust language. Both Alicia and this program are luminaries!!! <3

    • Alicia

      Beautifully said Sidd, it was such a joy to sit beside you as you paddled both your canyons and to see them through your eyes. I hope this tool continues to support you for the rest of your life.
      Warmest regards
      Alicia x

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