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Work more deeply with yourself and your inner lives.



Everyone deserves mental and emotional wellness.  Often our monkey mind or blindspots hold us back from this, and the therapy space can gently offer a mirror to see the whole of yourself within, to remember our strengths and connect with our resilience. Never underestimate the simplicity of a neutral person to share experiences with and judgement-free place to explore your inner world.

I offer clients the space to do just that, explore their inner worlds in safety, with my training and experience as the anchor. You can choose from either a single session or a package. Single sessions work well when you have a simple problem to explore or need an emotional or mental “tune-up”. For more complex issues, or times of transition or crisis, the packages offer continuity and anchoring.

During COVIV-19, all sessions are being conducted over Zoom, though in-person sessions in Montville or Palmwoods will be available in the future.


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