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Your guide to moving through the 19/20 Eclipse Season with grace and ease.


Eclipses are often misunderstood. Some are fearful of such times, believing them to be full of foreboding and darkness but I have heard many positive stories of exciting starts and new opportunities. Others believe they are powerful times to try magic and set intentions but, like using lightning to power your car (Back to the Future style), you never know where the unpredictable energy will take you, or if it will all blow up in your face.

The next New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn right in the middle of the holiday season (25/26 December) and there is a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer just a few weeks later. I won’t be running my usual New Moon Magic Gathering this month as manifesting under this energy is tricky at best. Instead, I am running a webinar about these upcoming eclipses, partly to talk about eclipses in general and also with tip and tricks on what could be possible, how to look after yourself under this energy and what areas of your life it may play out in. Solar eclipses are known to play out for 6 months afterwards, so it’s good to know just what may lie ahead in the first half of 2020.

Join me on Wednesday 11 December at 9.30am Brisbane, Tuesday 10th at 11.30pm in London and 6.30pm in New York. If you can’t make these timings, don’t worry, you can download it at a later date.


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