Electional Astrology consult

Find the most auspicious time to support new ventures and events to grow as you dream of


Much like we have a birth time, important events and times in our lives do too. For thousands of years, astrologers have chosen auspicious dates for weddings, coronations, signing business contracts and peace treaties, even when to start a battle.

Have you been wondering when are the best energies to start something new? Submit a dream job application, start a business, get married, sell your house, or launch a product line? Then this is the consult for you. During this personalised service, I’ll look at the birth charts of all those involved and find the most supportive energies for you and those activities within the timeframe that you choose.

As a Medical Astrologer, I also do medical elections, for those looking for the best dates for surgery, starting new health regimes or breaking physical habits. Please note – surgery elections shouldn’t be used for any emergency surgery, that must not be delayed.

This consult is done over email, and when you book in you’ll get a link with a series of questions to start the ball rolling. I’ll need to know important details about the venture (for example the mission statement for a business, or hopes for the marriage) and also understand what your priorities are in order so I know what to highlight above others. Include your hopes and dreams as well as the logical and practical – you may as well reach for the stars!


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