Mindfulness for Calm and Connection (4 week course)

Enhance your own personal mindfulness practice, heal your nervous system and find inner stillness


Enhance your own personal mindfulness practice, while also learning about your nervous system and brain and how they can hijack you away from making your own choices.

This course will help you find and anchor mindfulness towards greater self-awareness. Other benefits include a new sense of safety, calm, self-acceptance and compassion, plus improved connections with others in your world. You’ll also gain the freedom to make conscious responses and decisions, not reactions made from the weight of your history.

In this 4 week course you will:

  • have 5 – 15 mins of simple, daily mindfulness practice, plus journalling prompts
  • be invited to four weekly online meetings, Thursdays at 6 pm (AEST) for 30-45mins
  • gain knowledge about your autonomic nervous system and brain, and how they inform mental states and emotions
  • learn how you can improve your relationships through calm co-regulation

The first practice will be delivered on Monday 10 June at 6 am (AEST) and run until Sunday 7 July. Meetings will be every Thursday in between, and they are all optional and will be recorded if you can’t make that timing.


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