Intro to Astrology

Online workshop on 4 important points in your birth chart that will open up a whole new world of understanding.


Calling all astrology beginners… it’s time to take those first simple steps to discover a whole new world in the skies above.

Do you know your Star sign, but are confused by all the talk of moons, risings and ruling planets? Do you want to dip your toes into the world of astrology without the commitment of a full course? Then this introductory online workshop is for you!

Learning the language of astrology is a wonderful avenue for personal exploration. Join me for a live discussion around the four key parts of your chart; the meaning of your rising sign is and the planet that rules it, as well as the illumination you receive from your Sun & Moon signs.

This 90 min online workshop helps you weave together basic keywords for a simple approach to astrology. You’ll find how much understanding comes from just these first steps into the language of the Universe, including new perceptions about yourself, what you are drawn to, and choices you make. It can also help you gain insights into others and how to better relate to them.

Once you register, you will receive a receipt and a link to download the webinar.



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