Lunar Landscape Gatherings

Lunar Landscapes, a small, intimate gathering of like-minded souls who wish to explore the Universe within them.


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Women have gathered since time immemorial, to work, to play, to laugh, to grieve, to celebrate and honour the Moon. Just as the Moon gathers the energy of the universe into our planet, these Lunar Landscape Gatherings aim to collect us together to sense, to reflect, to share and support.

These get-togethers will call us into the night, to be with the subliminal and unconscious. It’s an invitation to form community in a deeper, soulful way; woven around the supportive pillar of a shared love of astrology. You will get to explore your own lunar landscape, rummage around in the dusty nooks and crannies to unearth old beliefs and uproot old habits that hold you back.

In the space where astrology meets therapy, there is much to explore around our personal selves, our important relationships, our ancient lines and our collective natures – and the gamut of experiences that runs between. We will work with unseen essences, specifically qualities, to connect us back to our higher selves. Each month you’ll have the option to choose from a handful of qualities that align with the energy of the New Moon and then build on that as the month plays out.

Your facilitator is Alicia Yusuf, counsellor and astrologer, who will be holding space for you to gather together wuth a group of others and to gently allow your shadow selves room to breathe. Shadow refers to those parts that you believe to be unacceptable, so tuck tightly away inside yourself. In this group, you can begin to explore the beauty of these parts, and accept how they have tried to support and help you, in their own way.

The Practicals

This group will be small, with just 8 spaces available to make a group of 9, a higher connective number. A 6-month commitment is requisite, to ensure consistency and connection as the work is intimate and cathartic. Values of confidentiality, gentle witnessing and non-judgment will be a core part of the group.

This group will run on Monday evenings in Australia over Zoom, as close to the New and Full Moon as possible, so it works well for Australia, UK, Europe and the Middle East. The cost is AUD90 per month for two 90 min meetings and only opens for newcomers twice a year, if there is space. The first one will be on Monday 7 March.

You can either pay in full upfront here, or contact Alicia here to discuss a monthly payment system.


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