Managing anxiety & stress with COVID-19

The impacts of COVID-19 (coronavirus) are causing much tension, stress and anxiety and yet these energies rob our immune system and impede its functioning. It becomes a vicious cycle and making clear choices from this space becomes impossible. To help alleviate this I’m offering this free webinar sharing practical, grounded tips and tools on dealing with anxiety, as well as a little about the astrology of the disease.

Just a reminder I am a counsellor, not a medical practitioner or epidemiologist, so I am only dealing with mental health strategies and not ways to deal with physical symptoms. Please consult a doctor if you feel may have this disease.

To access the webinar, please follow this link to download the recordings directly from Dropbox.

1 review for Managing anxiety & stress with COVID-19

  1. Jenny Walters

    I did not see it yet, please could you send me the webinar recording, I am in UK.

    • Alicia

      It hasn’t happened as yet, but I’ve added you to the list of registrants Jenny!

      • Mariela

        Hi I would like to receive the webinar of managing anxiety & stress with COVID-19. Thank you so much

        • Alicia

          Hi Mariela
          I’ve just sent you the link via DropBox

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