Mars Retrograde 2020

Stay a step ahead of 2020’s Mars retrograde


The closing quarter of 2020 contains a significant retrograde of Mars in Aries that will play a significant role, both personally and globally. Inner fires can be stoked with Mar’s turn inwards, and with tense squares from Saturn this fire forges strength through challenge and testing. Think of a blacksmith’s fire; in it you can produce an axe which can cut wood for building up, or become an executioner’s tool. The energy of the next six months will show you the tools you need, then it’s your choice how you shape and wield them. Can you tap into your desires, will power and fighting spirit to push forward? Or will they overtake you?

Download this webinar on this Mars retrograde to understand how it may play out for your personally as it interacts with your chart. This is especially pertinent for those with Mars-ruled charts, strong Mars signatures, or for those in a Mars profection year. You’ll be guided through ways to remediate and work with Mars Retrograde normally, and especially from September through to November 2020.


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  1. Naomi Summers

    So excited for this inspiring woman to help guide us through Mars Retrograde. Her knowledge and passion are hard to miss. THANKYOU in advance for your energy and guidance.

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