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Work towards better health by understanding more about your physical makeup.


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**I’m not taking on new astrology clients right now. If you’re an existing client please email me for a session, otherwise you can join my waitlist and I’ll contact you when I open my books again**

Since ancient Babylon and Egypt, humans have made connections between the sky and the human body and continued to be used by doctors up until only a few hundred years ago. As Hippocrates is quoted saying “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

The system of Medical Astrology links the planets and constellations with the organs and functions of the human body and is based in the temperament and humoural system, much like Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The birth chart is like a map of the body to gain more understanding of what can bring the body out of balance, including external physical events, mental stress, emotional pain and old patterns and belief systems. Transits, along with solar and lunar returns, give us much information on periods of time where vitality and health can be easier or more challenging.

Before booking in for this consult, it’s important to understand I will not be diagnosing or offering cures. I am not a medical practitioner, and also this branch of astrology is about creating a state of well-being through understanding your physical makeup and working to bring it back into balance and how to keep it there. This is educational, helping you deepen your insights around the whole of your complex and how to offer it the optimum environment to perform in.

I am a registered Well Being Sciences TM Practitioner with a degree in Biological Sciences (B. Env Sc.) and use understandings of both the physical and energetic human complex to support you towards good health. This one-on-one session can be held in-person in my clinic on the Sunshine Coast or via Zoom or Skype for clients from any other location. This session is 60 mins long.

If you are looking for a medical election for surgery, please book in for an Electional Astrology consult via



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