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A circle for growth, inspiration and creation.



Imagine if you could reach up and grasp the Moon’s energy as she grows in strength each month, and pour that energy into your own life, projects, ideas, or any area needing growth. And imagine sharing this with a group of like-minded people, inspiring each other to reach forward and take the reigns toward their dreams. This group is the way to do just that!

The moon has marked time passing since humans were able to wonder at the sky, it’s many phases coming and going with the regularity of our own heartbeat. Each of the 8 phases has potentials and challenges in the energy it offers, and a wise gardener is able to tell you which moon phase is best to sew seeds, when to harvest and when to weed. The cycle of the moon through the sky is more closely linked to our own complex than we think, and consciously using these cycles can bring focus, power and accomplishment to our goals or visions. The moon also acts as a channel through which to feel current stellar energies, making each moon phase as unique as each of us here on Earth.

What to expect from this group? Each month during the new moon phase we will gather online to explore the current energies and how they interact with your own unique birth chart. From here you will learn how best to navigate the energies of that phase of the moon towards growing your own seeds – be they wishes, visions, plans or goals. You will learn about the different constellations and some of the planets that may be highlighted each month, as well as the phases of the moon. There will be a focus on personal and spiritual development, and no prior knowledge of astrology is required.

The date of the Gemini New Moon Gathering is Friday 22 May at 7.30pm Brisbane, 10.30am London, 5.30am New York and 2.30am Los Angeles. This will happen just before the Moon becomes New, and gives us all a chance to really harness the curious and bubbly of this New Moon. It’s also the last Gemini New/Full Moon that won’t be an eclipse for 18 months.

Payment confirms your space in the group, and also allows you access to download a recording to watch later time if you cannot make it at the time. The Zoom link for the meeting will be sent out just beforehand.

If you don’t have your birth chart, please mention that in the notes and Alicia will forward you a copy of it prior to the Gathering starting so you can work with it.



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