Dance of Dragons – Node and eclipse handover webinar

North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius – what does it mean for you?


When eclipses happened in ancient times, the sudden darkness of the luminaries was explained as a dragon swallowing the sun or the moon. The Nodes of the Moon mark where eclipses will happen, and so the North Node is known as the Dragon’s Head, endlessly seeking it’s food, while the South Node is the Dragon’s Tail, what is left behind.

This webinar explores the coming shift of these nodes from Cancer-Capricorn into Gemini-Sagittarius. This cycle change means the eclipses will play out in two different areas of your life over the next 18 months. The background hum of the nodal energy will also have it’s affects. Wherever Gemini is in your chart, a new hunger will awake as the North Node (Rahu) moves in, an ache to grow, to gain and possess. Wherever Sagittarius is will see the opposite as the South Node (Ketu) urges release, simplification and letting go.

Since the nodes tell us where eclipses happen, between now and December 2021 the eclipses will bring their unpredictable energy to a whole new area of your life. This webinar guides you through how these cycles may manifest, on a personal and global stage. I also explore the handover of the upcoming eclipses in June/July 2020 as we close the door on the old and move on with the new, with rituals you can use on all the lunations during this time to help remediate or consciously use the eclipse energy, and also tell you what NOT to do (hint, eclipses are not a time to set intentions!).

You find the themes that are brought up for your rising sign as the nodes change house placement, so make sure you have your chart handy. If you don’t have your birth chart yet, please contact me and I’ll send it to you.


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