Astrology of 2022 Webinar

What does the astrology of 2022 hold for you?


Are you cautiously peering at the year ahead, wondering what plans you can make? What goals can you realistically set? Will overseas travel ever happen again? Astrology offers insights and guidance on just what to expect in the wash of 2022 and beyond.

Join me on Friday, December 3 as I take you through the astrology of 2022 and how the energies could unfold for you. I’ll be talking about the below and their potential impact on you and your world:

  • Venus Retrograde in Capricorn and its entanglement with Pluto
  • Nodes changing sign and the Eclipses of 2022
  • Jupiter in Pisces, and the conjunction with Neptune
  • Jupiter in Aries
  • THAT Mars-South Node-Uranus conjunction
  • Mars Retrograde in Gemini

The 90 min webinar will be recorded live on 3 December at 10 am Brisbane (11 am Sydney/Melbourne, 12 am London, and 2 December 7 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific) where you can join me to ask questions and find out more.  In case you can’t make it at that time, all registrants will receive access to the recording and resources just a few hours later.


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