Winter Solstice Rituals workshop

Winter Solstice rituals to help connect more deeply with nature and yourself


Winter Solstice

As the Sun nears its annual pause at the Tropic of Cancer, we in the Southern Hemisphere will be embracing Winter Solstice. As the Sun is reborn through the longest night, it’s an opportunity for pausing, embracing darkness, stillness, and renewal.

Starting with the upcoming Winter Solstice, I invite you on a year-long journey to reconnect with the land you walk and live on, through the Solar Cycle. Blending my passions for astrology, psychology, and our planet, I’m presenting 4 workshops on each of the 4 parts of the Solar Cycle in the year ahead. This first one is purely online and is available for you to download now. I pre-recorded it so you can take your time listening to it, pausing, and being still whenever you need.

Each of these workshops offers knowledge, activities, and rituals based on ecotherapy, to help you connect more deeply with the land you walk on and grow a sense of belonging to your natural world.

This Winter Solstice workshop consists of a 30 min workshop, full of ritual guidance and exercises, as well as meditations for you to use during this solstice and afterward as well. There is no journal prompts as it’s more about getting you into your body than your head, but I do pose spiritual and philosophical questions to help you engage more deeply in the process, so a journal will be a helpful tool while listening to this.

When you purchase this, a receipt will be emailed to you that contains a link to a Dropbox folder, where you’ll find all you need to embrace the dark, still pause of the Winter Solstice.

Enjoy! x

Why ecotherapy?

Nature is powerful. It is healing. Yet we’ve divorced it in our current society, believing we are separate or even above it, and that is taking its toll. Technology, urban landscapes, busy lifestyles,

Time in nature offers so much, from healing our nervous systems to reducing stress and increasing memory and creativity. In some parts of the world, doctors are now prescribing time in nature to assist with patient issues, such as heart disease, stress, and mental illness.

Belonging is a core part of human identity, and it’s informed not only by the people but the places we belong to. And we all belong to this planet, couldn’t exist without it.

When we reconnect with nature, we reconnect with ourselves. Belonging to country soothes loneliness, helping us to feel part of something greater than us, that is sentient and benevolent.


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