Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

at 5 Sagittarius – 26 May at 9.13pm Brisbane, 12.13pm London,  7.13am Eastern and 4.13am Pacific

We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”                                                                                                                                                ~ Ayn Rand

This series of eclipses started 12 months ago, as the Gemini truth tries to outweigh Sagittarius idealism. Sagittarius is all about faith, belief, and hope, but it’s also an area where we can come become blinded by our own wishful thinking. Sagittarius wants the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… but remember, our version of the truth is always tainted by our own biases. As Anais Nin so eloquently wrote “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”.

In psychology wishful thinking has a name – desirability bias – and research shows again and again that humans will absorb new information more easily if it fits their previous belief systems. So, it’s pretty hard to change someone’s mind or beliefs if they are not aware of their biases. We’ve seen this reflected in opinions on recent global and political events, and it explains why conspiracy theories are hard to let go of, even in the face of obvious evidence. It also explains why it’s easier to see those negative inner voices mirrored in reality than believe something better about ourselves.

Wishful thinking is even more prevalent at the moment with the magic of Jupiter in Pisces motivating you to work towards your dreams. Yet its entanglement in this South Node eclipse strips back where your future navigation may be hampered by fog or tinged with illusions and fantasy. This eclipse will try to whip off the blinkers that narrow your outlook – so prepare yourself to face a Truth. Actually, even more, it invites you to actively engage with your biases.

It’s a gift, but one you’ll only see that way with hindsight. Think deeply and critically, staying curious and humble in the process. Be aware of the outcome you want and then weigh these hopes against facts and data to bring those biases to light. Even if it is uncomfortable it can set you free. With Mercury slowing to retrograde next week the facts may seem harder to find, but patience and perseverance are your friends now. Try asking yourself:

  • what is blocking me from facing the truth in my life?
  • what old belief systems no longer fit and need purging?
  • how can you simplify your worldview to take your perspective up a notch and see even more of the picture?

And please remember this isn’t your usual Full Moon, as eclipses carry intense energy all of their own, one to be cautious of if you plan to use it. This eclipse involves the South Node (Dragon’s Tail) so indicates release even more purgative than usual Full Moons. Conscious wishing or manifesting under eclipses may turn out in “be careful what you wish for” results. Instead try purging, cleaning and anything that actively removes or cleanses. Salt baths, fasting, deep cleaning, even burning old wood or papers – all of these help transmute this energy well.

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