Sagittarius New Moon

24 Nov – 8.57am Brisbane, 23 Nov – 10.57pm UK, 5.57pm Eastern & 2.57pm Pacific.

The fiery arrow of Sagittarius invites us to gaze towards the heavens and their wider perspective. It KNOWS deep down that we’re not alone, and when we trust in higher things they come and meet in curious and amazing ways. This is where Sagittarius draws its eternal optimism from, that sense that setbacks are only temporary, and you can always find a silver lining.

After the powerful scooping out of the recent Scorpio season and the South Node travelling through Sagittarius during 2020/21 you may feel like you’ve lost touch with this side of yourself. Think of tomorrow’s Sagittarius New Moon as a giant reset button on all thing’s faith, belief and higher connection. Let it encourage you to lift your face to the light and envision new possibilities. Invite hope to flow back in and lift not only you but those around you.

Ruled by wise Jupiter, still blithely floating through the mystical Pisces waters, the pull is towards big visions and expansive opportunities. Yet as the dynamism of Sagittarius fire meets the elusiveness of Pisces water, tension exists between real world adventures and the explorations of your imagination, and this will only increase into the first quarter phase. Perhaps the balance lies in letting these warm, uplifting winds fill your sails as you cross the Piscean waves without expectation on exactly where you’ll end up.

It’s a lovely energy for those in holiday season celebrations, and encourages warmth of connection and being able to take the higher road. It can also cause us to overextend or take generosity too far, so take care of your waistline and wallet in coming weeks, or the Full Moon in Gemini may bring a sharp wakeup call.

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